Tesla Motorhome, super autonomy for family travel

The Californian manufacturer could exploit the mechanics and engines of the Semi for a vehicle widespread in the US

The Model 3 medium sedan and the Model Y crossover  were obviously pioneers for Tesla . After having launched them on the market (the Model Y will arrive in 2021), the House of Elon Musk will therefore be able to concentrate on more niche models : it is no coincidence that the Roadster and the Semi truck will follow . Yeah, but what will happen next?

For the moment, the Californian company has not offered any clues or indications, which is why we have let our imagination run wild and imagined what could make its debut after the Semi: a motorhome. This is a type of vehicle that is not very widespread in Italy but very popular in the United States , where many families go on holiday with these real four-wheeled homes .

The strong point? The superchargers

Our exclusive rendering shows the appearance of a potentially very interesting vehicle for Tesla, because today there are very few battery-powered motorhomes. None of these , moreover, is already equipped with a very extensive network of fast-charging stations , namely the Superchargers (or even the fastest Megachargers in the study), indispensable for traveling thousands of kilometers without the anxiety of stay dry.

The Californian company has a free road and also the technical basis for building a vehicle of this kind. A vehicle that, evidently, could have the batteries and the chassis of the Semi, to reduce costs and development times.

The dimensions don’t lie

The appearance of the motorhome will almost certainly be in line with the other Tesla, therefore characterized by clean and smooth lines . The impact on the road will still be considerable, because vehicles of this type can measure over 13 meters in length and 3 meters in height, so its bodywork will have to be very massive, even if the cameras in the sides instead of the mirrors and the fairings on the wheels (to improve) the aerodynamics will help make it look slimmer.

The price, which varies according to the internal layout, could even reach $ 200,000 .

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