Tesla: An "Autonomous" Model Y Hits A Police Car!

Tesla: An “Autonomous” Model Y Hits A Police Car!

Tesla is under further investigation by US authorities following an accident involving a Model Y in autonomous driving with a police car in the state of Michigan.

The incident in question took place overnight Wednesday through Thursday on a highway about 100 miles northwest of Detroit, Michigan.

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While police were busy investigating a previous car-deer accident, the Tesla Model Y , apparently in ”  autonomous driving  ” but carrying a 22-year-old young man, collided with the vehicle. police , a blue Dodge Charger .

According to the local police, if no injuries are to be deplored among the people on the spot, the occupant, remained anonymous, of the Tesla was summoned to appear for inability to avoid the accident and… driving with a suspended license!


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the national highway safety authority , has launched an investigation, the second of its kind in a week. On March 11, an incident in more or less similar circumstances took place in Detroit between a model produced by the company of Elon Musk ( a sacred collector ) and a semi-trailer. A passenger who was in the Tesla is still in critical condition.

“In accordance with the vigilant oversight and robust NHTSA authority on the safety of all vehicles and motor equipment, including automated technologies, we have launched a special accident investigation team to investigate the accident ” , declared the NHTSA in a communication taken up by the channel CNBC.

Tesla , king of electric sales in 2020 , has already been the subject of a series of similar investigations for road accidents involving one of its cars, the reliability of the “autonomous driving” functionality being often singled out.

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