Suzuki Swace Hybrid Review, Specs & Details : 98 HP 1.8 hybrid engine

Suzuki Swace Hybrid Review, Specs & Details : 98 HP 1.8 hybrid engine

The Suzuki range is completed even more thanks to the collaboration with Toyota . After the Across presented last year, now it’s the turn of the Suzuki Swace , obviously always Hybrid. A very particular name, which actually hides a sort of acronym: the first letters, “sw”, intuitively stand for station wagon, while “ace” refers to the English word which means “ace”, or very skilled champion (a derived term by the Air Force). A very bold name for a body type that is perhaps losing ground compared to SUVs, but which at the same time remains the only one capable of guaranteeing a large load capacity and a more aggressive style than their more impressive competitors. In view of the launch on the Italian market , scheduled for February 13th , we started driving on the streets of Turin for the first time.

What changes on the Suzuki Swace Hybrid?

Suzuki Swace Hybrid Review, Specs & Details : 98 HP 1.8 hybrid engine

From an aesthetic point of view we are talking about something more than a simple relationship with the Toyota Corolla . However, Swace still tries to characterize herself , in order to go and meet an audience looking for a more daring style. The grille remains the same very thin and compact, but the house logo moves towards the other, on the lip immediately before the hood. The design of the optical groups remains unchanged , which can be chosen parabolic or with the projector, in both cases with LED technology. The lower fascia changes significantly, which is now divided into two sections by a central band and two side air intakes. The side, on the other hand, remains almost unchanged, with the exception of the alloy wheels with the 16-inch Suzuki logo , as well as the rear, where we simply notice the “S” logo set in a small raised box. Obviously, the general measures are confirmed : length from 4.65 meters, width from 1.79 meters, height from 1.53 meters and pitch from 2.7 meters.

The richest cabin in the Suzuki range

Suzuki Swace Hybrid Review, Specs & Details : 98 HP 1.8 hybrid engine

Practically fully confirmed the interior cabin, including the infotainment system . Anyone who has already driven a Suzuki will immediately notice the inherited software on the large 8-inch central touchscreen panel , naturally compatible with Apple CarPlay , Android Auto and MirrorLink .

The control panel is also digital, with a large 7-inch central display where the speedometer and various other data can be viewed, also customizing the graphic appearance. At its side, however, we also find two analog dials: on the left the tachometer, while on the right we find the indicator for the fuel and the temperature of the cooling system divided in half. From the point of view of materials, we are undoubtedly one of the richest and most refined Suzuki in the range, with soft touch materials, fabrics and even leather.

We find this, for example, on the steering wheel, which also boasts the heating system, which is very favorable in winter. Very simple endowment stands : are just two, to input ” Cool ” and the richest ” Top “. The latter can even boast some stylistic “goodies” such as ambient light and other technologies such as the wireless charger forsmartphone (compatible models only). The real strength of the Swace , however, is the space . Suffice it to say that between the first and second row of seats there are 928 mm of distance, which makes the car very comfortable even for the tallest passengers.

Also a wide scope of compartments storage (nine in total), while the luggage compartment can only be up to the segment: it starts from a minimum of 596 liters , but breaking down the seats (via a convenient mechanical lever) you come up to 1,606 liters . The dimensions are also to be considered, with a height of 850 mm, a width of 1,430 mm and a depth of 1,860 mm.

Hybrid engine: right power for low fuel consumption

Suzuki Swace Hybrid Review, Specs & Details : 98 HP 1.8 hybrid engine

The offer of engines for the Suzuki Swace Hybrid is also very simple . Only one, naturally hybrid. It is an Atkinson-cycle 1,800 petrol engine with a maximum power of 98 hp and a torque of 142 Nm . The hybrid system instead consists of a 207 V battery and 0.75 kWh of capacity with air cooling, connected to two electric motors . The first is used only for starting and generating current, while the second is the true hybrid heart of the system, with 53 kW power and 163 Nm torque available immediately upon ignition.

The combined power, in the end, is 122 hp. It is an enhanced mild hybrid system, which allows the Swace to travel a kilometer in electric-only mode . Not a great deal, but it means maneuvers can be done without consuming a drop of fuel. If we add to this the fact that the car is equipped with the automatic parking system , then suddenly a similar maneuver, stressful especially in the city, becomes super easy. Good performance also in terms of consumption. Waiting to see it on Com’è & Come Va , the company declares an average consumption in the WLTP mixed cycle of 4.5 liters per 100 km, equal to about 22 km per liter. CO2 emissions, on the other hand, settle at 103 g / km. Of course we are talking about a Euro 6d approved engine.

Quiet driving with some interesting ideas

Suzuki Swace Hybrid Review, Specs & Details : 98 HP 1.8 hybrid engine

The Suzuki Swace Hybrid is obviously a car designed to travel peacefully, representing a good single choice for the family. The passenger compartment is very quiet , but what is appreciated most is the general comfort. The cockpit is very large and can be felt both from the front and from the rear, where even people of a certain height can sit without being afraid of hitting their heads at the first hole.

The steering wheel is fairly precise, but what we liked the most are the driving modes, helped among other things by an excellent automatic gearbox, which at the limit requires a certain habit in the throttle dosage in order not to raise the revs (and consumption) too much. Four modes are available: pure electric, Eco, Normal and Sport . The latter clearly improves the response of the engine, giving the Swace the possibility to perform in some acceleration that, actually, you would not expect from a station wagon of this segment. All this is associated with a good set of ADAS systems for semi-autonomous driving : adaptive cruise control, emergency braking, active lane maintenance and several others, all with the original names used by Suzuki, such as “attentofrena” and “Stay awake”.

How much does the Suzuki Swace Hybrid cost?

The new Suzuki Swace Hybrid , as mentioned, will be launched from February 13, at a price of € 29,500 for the Cool set-up and € 32,000 for the Top . Through the discounts of the house that can reach up to € 4,600 in case of scrapping and adding the € 1,500 of Ecobonus for hybrid cars, this price can be significantly lowered.

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