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Suzuki Ignis 2017 Specs, Price, Details, the Japanese surprise

Why has Suzuki always stood out? For their small cars and their SUVs. Well, the Suziki Ignis 2017 that will hit the European market in January, is a proposal that combines both ideas: small size and crossover appearance.

With a design with brushstrokes of Cervo and Vitara first generation, it stands out for its square shapes, which guarantee a spacious interior and give a feeling of robustness. Of course, he eschews conventionalisms. The front has bright headlights with LED technology and the body, raised 18 cm from the ground, can be chosen in 14 colors including three new and several twin-tone combinations (with black roof, Vitara 2015 style ).

In the interior, of which Suzuki claims to have a spacious room and good visibility thanks to the elevated driving position. Personalization is sought, combining tones with the bodywork with those of the interior. Inside is bet with a design of horizontal lines and different materials to look for amplitude and crossover image.

There are plenty of holes and spaces, with a glove compartment divided into two parts, bottle holes in the front and rear consoles (also on all doors) and a trunk up to 267 liters (slightly less, 227, with the Allgrip system) , If the backrests of the rear seats are upright.

But, undoubtedly, the leading role in the dashboard lies in the touch screen, which can be used as a browser using SD cards or connection to the mobile.

Suzuki Ignis 2017. Engines

The Ignis is powered by a 1.2-liter Dualjet petrol engine (K12C) attached to an electric thruster for a total of 90 hp and 120 Nm of torque . In addition to this SHVS (Smart Hybrid Vehicle by Suzuki) hybrid system, which homologates 4.3 l / 100 km of consumption and accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 12 seconds, there is another with only the combustion engine 4.6 l / 100 km). The top speed is modest, between 165 and 170 km / h.

Both engines are available with both front and all-wheel drive, the 4 × 4 AllGrip Auto system that automatically distributes the torque to the front and rear wheels if the front lose grip. They are associated with a five-speed manual transmission and in some Markets will be able to count on an automatic AGS (own of the mark), piloted.

Suzuki Ignis 2017. Equipment

In addition to the usual ESP and front, rear, side and curtain airbags, the brand highlights the two cameras that are able to detect road lines and objects, differentiating whether it is another vehicle or a pedestrian. Thus, it can count on braking assistance (at more than 5 km / h, mitigates damage, warning of abandonment of lane (more than 60km / h vibrates the steering wheel and lights a warning light on the instrument panel if No flashing) or notice of drowsiness (in case of zigzagging).

The brand also announces an audio system fully compatible with the mobile, connectable by Bluetooth or cable capable of replicating applications on the touch screen, thanks to Mirrorlink technology. It is compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

The range of the Suzuki Ignis 2017 is structured in two finishes:

  • Ignis GLE: includes six airbags, air conditioning, 16-inch wheels, multimedia system with 7-inch touch screen, Bluetooth and USB port, rear camera, light sensor …
  • Ignis GLX : For 1,750 euros sum automatic climate control, rear electric windows, cruise control, navigator, automatic emergency braking system in city …
1.2 DUALJET 5MT € 12,200
1.2 DUALJET AGS € 14,850
1.2 DUALJET SHVS 5MT € 14,750
1.2 DUALJET AGS 4 × 4 € 15,450

Source: Suzuki

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