Fiat 500X Specs, Review and Test

SUV Fiat 500X Specs, Review and Test

How to copy the success of Mini with much less money? Such is the dilemma Fiat. Following the success of her adorable 500 born in 2007 and unchanged since then the Italian pulled out a 500L minispace few succeeded. Alas, after years of waiting, here is the “SUV” Fiat 500X, who shares her underwear with the American Jeep Renegade. Made as his half-brother in Melfi near Naples, the newest of the transalpine company uses the revenues … Mini Countryman. With a silhouette inspired by the original model, so keep it a family resemblance to enjoy its aura.

SUV Fiat 500X Specs, Review and Test

Super friendly

The result is convincing. Looking at the Fiat 500X in the street, not without sympathy. Congratulations to the palette of available colors that range from yellow to red, from bronze to green. Obviously, the wisest can choose white, black or gray. There’s something for everyone. The 500X really gives the impression of a friendly five-door 500 wide 1.1. A difficult year and we believe that the most successful derivatives of the Mini.

Fiat 500X Specs, Review and Test

Inside, the X has less personality than the 500, but thanks to the color band on the dashboard, the result is pleasant. The controls are at your fingertips, with good ergonomics and a practical touch screen. You can also disconnect definitely annoying “Stop and Start”. Also welcome the speed which falls in large numbers in front of the eyes. We deplore however an electric handbrake exasperating. It engages automatically, but you must disconnect the … manually by pressing the brake while seeking the hidden button under the armrest. Or it’s all automatic as Peugeot or so traditional handbrake is much more functional.

 Finishing quality

Fiat was expected on the quality of the finish, traditional Achilles heel of the Turin firm. The plastic bottom of the dashboard and console are very ordinary. But the absence of squeaks and squeals of bad road construction demonstrates a rigor proven. As the Jeep Renegade.

Fiat 500X Specs, Review and Test

The doors also emit a reassuring thud, showing a care in the detail that the group had not accustomed us. Livability is decent for the category. It feels good in the 500X. Too bad the seats are not more colorful, like a 500. recommend the black-gray on a red Pospstar or black-white leather optional.

Flexible engine and round

Our test vehicle was equipped with a small gasoline engine 1.4 Turbo 140 horses very flexible and civilized, smooth or hollow scored at startup. It’s rare enough to be noticed. Damage: the momentum of the mechanics is constrained by a gearbox for too long reports that cuts his wings.

History display low enough standard drinks. Too bad. Yet we consumed 8.5 liters per hundred. Not so economical! But nothing insurmountable either on a gasoline car even more voracious than a diesel.

Agile, fun to drive, the 500X is a good fellow traveler. But we do not appreciate too much direction, light and inconsistent road. She does not feel well trajectory. This is not dangerous. But this takes away from the bend driving precision. Comfort is firm but adequate with 17-inch wheels (55R17). In contrast to large station 18 rims with tires with low sides (45R18), which make the car much too dry! Unfortunately, they are standard on the most exclusive Lounge versions. But there is a free option for comfortable climbs. Especially, precise your choice when ordering, failing bitterly regret it!

 Attractive price

This 500X we liked, like the Jeep Renegade previously tried. That good little “SUV” fashionable, frisky as in the lines that driving. The 500X is cheaper than the gringo. The range starts at 15,990 euros (1.6 110 hp). To access our 1.4-140 must be fitted to the pretty Popstar finish. This demand 20,790 euros. Diesel 1.6 22 290 120 is to. It’s fun, but does not impose, opposite the petrol engine good, cheaper. A power sunroof is 900 euros, leather 1,300, the GPS 900 also.

Note that this model, with side protection, is merely a front wheel drive, without all ability paths. To transform the 4×4, the transmission remains optional four wheels. Unfortunately, it is proposed with the diesel engine. Adding up quickly then at 25,490 euros (Cross). Ouch.

Test model: Fiat 500X 1.4 Multiair Popstar: 20,790 euros

Power output: 140 hp (gasoline)

Dimensions  : 4.25 meters (length) x 1.80 (width) x 1.60 (top)

Qualities  : friendly line, modish interior, smooth engine and pleasant, general accreditation

Faults  : Long box, too light steering, firm suspension, unpleasant handbrake

Competing  : Jeep Renegade 1.4 Multiair Longitude: 21,950 euros Opel Mokka 1.4 Cosmo T: 22 160 euros; MiniCountryman Cooper: 24.150 euros

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