Study: which electric vehicles have the highest satisfaction ratings ?

Study: which electric vehicles have the highest satisfaction ratings ?

A vast majority (82%) of people who already own an electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle say they “definitely” want to repeat the experience with their next purchase. This is what the very first study by the American firm JD Power on satisfaction with electric vehicles reveals, in collaboration with PlugShare.

Study: which electric vehicles have the highest satisfaction ratings ?

Nearly 10,000 owners of 2015 to 2021 models were surveyed last fall based on seven criteria, including vehicle quality and reliability, drivability, range (and the accuracy of the figure ), the ease of recharging at home, the availability of public terminals as well as the operating costs.

The current level of satisfaction with the vehicle and the experience in general greatly influences the future choice of drivers, notes JD Power.

“Although the first people to adopt electric vehicles say they will buy them back sooner or later, loyalty to their brand and model can change at any time,” says Brent Gruber, one of the senior directors of JD Power. in charge of the automotive sector. Manufacturers must work to maintain the interest of customers and potential buyers beyond the simple promise of energy savings, especially as the market for electric vehicles will explode in the next three years. ”

Unsurprisingly, the study shows that the main criterion in the purchase decision is battery life. This is also what most determines the level of satisfaction after the purchase, especially when the number indicated on the dashboard reflects the real autonomy. “People like to have peace of mind,” Gruber adds.

For owners of popular brand electric vehicles, driveability matters more than quality and reliability. For luxury brands, it’s the opposite. JD Power notes one exception, however: Tesla . The California-based company doesn’t have a very good reputation for build quality, but Tesla owners are more satisfied than others overall.


So, which electric vehicles have the highest satisfaction ratings according to the JD Power survey? The Tesla Model S ranks first among luxury brands with a score of 798 on a scale of 1000. The Tesla Model 3 (790), Model Y (780) and Model X (758) come next, ahead of Audi. e-tron (686) and the Jaguar I-PACE (669).

When it comes to popular brands, the Kia Niro EV (782) is the most satisfying electric vehicle in the eyes of owners, followed by the Chevrolet Bolt EV (745) and the Hyundai Kona electric (743). The Nissan LEAF (712) and the Volkswagen E-Golf (696) bring up the rear.

As mentioned earlier, several new models will hit the market soon, so the ranking in 2022 may be different.

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