Strengths and weaknesses Of Dacia Spring

Strengths and weaknesses Of Dacia Spring

With its canon price, the Dacia Spring could achieve great commercial success. But does it have other qualities? And are there reasons to hesitate? Some of their journalists review its main strengths and possible weaknesses.

Strengths and weaknesses Of Dacia Spring


  • For me, Spring is going to be a hit. And this, for a simple reason: its price which is quite simply amazing . In addition, its advertised autonomy is largely sufficient for daily trips. And, to top it off, she has a cool look. She is even rather sexy. Knowing that design is one of the main purchasing criteria for French people, it matters! It is no longer a low-cost car while being able to blend into the automotive landscape in the face of more expensive models.
  • Even though it is a discount car, its design is not unpleasant. It’s a very relevant offer that fits with the brand’s DNA. It is relatively basic but far from being “zero”. His equipment is sufficient. Its autonomy too. Finally, on paper. In short, she fulfills her job in terms of services.
  • Main strong point, the price, obviously. And we must also recognize that his style is rather successful. It looks a lot like the Sandero, it’s pretty flattering. It is rather well equipped, especially in Comfort Plus finish. In any case, the Spring has everything you need on a daily basis. The touch screen, rear view camera, etc. Its price positioning is intelligent. And then, as long as to make an electric, as much to make a city car. Electric vehicles intended above all for the city, it is still more relevant. Offering a rental offer, especially with Leclerc , is also very smart to democratize the electric car. You can try it out over a longer or shorter period and get an idea, more than when you do a quick test at the dealership.
  • We will all say it but its price is a big strong point. It is barely superior to that of an entry-level thermal city car once the bonus has been deducted. It may finally democratize electricity. In general, it is perfectly suited to urban / peri-urban use with its sufficient autonomy and its size very suitable for parking. I imagine that its cost of use should also be very low. In particular because we do not yet tax electricity as we tax gasoline.It is a perfect model even for those who do not live in the city, who have a garage with a plug to charge it, and whose family members need a car with short range because it doesn There is no public transport in these areas. And its style is quite nice with its European fittings.

The weakness

  • The only concern, in my opinion, is its autonomy. Even if Dacia announces 225 km in this area (WLTP cycle), that is still insufficient to blow up this famous psychological barrier around electric vehicles. It is therefore likely to be mainly purchased as a second vehicle.
  • I just have a few concerns on two points in particular. One, its advertised power of 44 hp is really too modest. Besides, she does not even reach, top speed, the maximum allowed highway speed … Then, even if it costs only € 12,400, deducted bonus, it still remains a rondelette.Beaucoup sum of French do not spend as much to drive their main vehicle … Not sure if they do for the Spring. Yes, however, it should be commercially successful. But it shouldn’t be as successful as the Sandero . Because it simply does not provide the same services!
  • Yes, it is very inexpensive. But not everyone will buy Spring at this price. It is a complex combination to achieve. And then, above all, what about the value on occasion? It should not be forgotten either that the “real” minimum price of the Spring is 16,990 €. And, in second hand, we will not be able to take advantage of the many financial advantages that make it so attractive. Last thing, I find that compared to the latest novelties of the brand, Sandero in mind, the interior is a little cheap. We can see that the Spring is based on a model designed for China and India . Suddenly, it is not totally adapted on this point to the European market where the requirements are greater.
  • The Spring looks narrow, it might not be easy to fit two car seats behind. Like Pierre, I find that the power is very modest with 44 hp. And even only 31 hp in Eco mode. The times will be really fair to double on the secondary network. And, on the highway, autonomy will be limited. Surely barely 150 km. So it will not have the versatility of a thermal city car, which can from time to time, if necessary, cover great distances.

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