Stolen Golf GTI found on Facebook search

Stolen Golf GTI found on Facebook search

A stolen Golf GTI at the GTI meeting in Carinthia has reappeared after a private Internet search of the owner.

The 27-year-old posted according to police photos of his stolen vehicle on Facebook . The same day the car was rediscovered in a parking lot in Styria .

Stolen Golf GTI found on Facebook search

Divided 1200 times

The locked car was stolen by unknown perpetrators in the night on Saturday in a parking lot of a guesthouse in Keutschach (district Klagenfurt-Land). The victim – a 27-year-old man from Lower Austria – then posted photos of his car on the social media platform. According to police , the photo posting was divided 1200 times.


Finally, a car enthusiast from Styria discovered the vehicle on a parking lot in the East Styrian Frauental on the Lassnitz (district Deutschlandsberg ). To get the car into gear and into Styria , the perpetrators had short-circuited the car. The license plates were removed from the car, a laptop and tools were stolen from the car.

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