special version Nissan Leaf10 Specs and Details

special version Nissan Leaf10 Specs and Details

The Nissan Leaf celebrates 10 years since its arrival on the market with a new special version: the LEAF10 . Some characteristic elements also from an aesthetic point of view, with a wide technological equipment and 62 kWh battery. It will arrive in dealerships in the next few days, when the price will also be announced.

special version Nissan Leaf10 Specs and Details

“In Europe over 180,000 motorists drive a Nissan Leaf and the new special version will further promote its spread – in the words of Helen Perry , Nissan Europe electric car marketing manager – by virtue of modern style and latest generation technologies, such as Wi -Fi on board and remote control functions “.


Starting from the design , the Nissan Leaf10 features a special motif (kumiko) on the rear-view mirrors, roofline and trunk. With the ability to choose between Pearl White and Dark Metal Gray, there is also the dedicated badge on the C-pillar and 17-inch alloy wheels.

special version Nissan Leaf10 Specs and Details

Moving on to technology , this special version offers an on-board Wi-Fi hotspot, with integrated 4G system, to allow connection of up to seven devices. There is no lack of driver assistance systems, such as the blind spot warning system, which warns the driver and puts the vehicle back on track when it detects a potentially dangerous situation when overtaking.

Finally, through the NissanConnect Services app it is possible to carry out numerous remote operations , such as checking the battery charge level, opening or closing the vehicle and programming the air conditioning to switch on.

Output and prices

As we said, the Nissan Leaf10 will soon arrive in Italian dealerships , as will be announced the price in the coming days. The Leaf range currently in the dealership starts at € 20,800.

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