Skoda Kamiq 1.0 G-Tec. The 'other' hybridization

Skoda Kamiq 1.0 G-Tec. The ‘other’ hybridization, 630 kilometers of autonomy

The Skoda Kamiq is one of the most balanced and practical options that we can find in the competitive B-SUV segment, now so fashionable. And in its wide range of engines we find an efficient and clean variant powered by compressed natural gas (CNG) that also wins the ECO environmental label, with the consequent economic and mobility benefits in the big city.

The Kamiq 1.0 TGI starts from a three-cylinder block of 90 HP of power that can run indistinctly with gas or gasoline. That is why some of its internal components have been revised, including the injection, the control unit or the valves.

The vehicle will start with gasoline if the outside temperature drops below -10º and also after refueling, since the system analyzes the quality of the gas introduced for a few seconds. They are only a few moments. Therefore, gas will always propel the vehicle, with no possibility for the driver to switch to gasoline.

Skoda Kamiq 1.0 G-Tec. The 'other' hybridization

630 kilometers of autonomy

The CNG is stored in three steel tanks – two located under the trunk and one under the rear seat – that offer a combined capacity of 13.8 kilos, enough to travel 410 kilometers. When the gas runs out, it automatically switches to gasoline, so smooth and refined that it is imperceptible from the inside. The 9 liters of the fuel tank perform a reserve function when the gas runs out, and complete a total range of 630 kilometers according to the WLTP cycle.

The change management relies on a six- speed manual gearbox, capable of getting all the performance out of a version that signs the correct performance, as shown by those 176 km / h top speed or the 12.5 seconds to reach 100 km / h .

And dynamically, the Kamiq 1.0 G-TEC is a very comfortable vehicle, with great suspension filtering and a nice overall feel.

The interior of the Czech model stands out for its great habitability and a multitude of practical functions that make life easier for us on a daily basis, such as spaces for storing objects, portaatickets, locations for the umbrella or the ice scraper … The presentation overall it is as consistent as it is ergonomic. It transmits quality and surrounds itself with technology, as it includes elements such as a configurable 10.2-inch Virtual Cockpit digital control panel, an 8-inch touch screen on the dashboard or the wireless charger for the smartphone.

The rear seats are among the most generous that we can find in the B-SUV segment, with a really wide legroom. The trunk loses capacity due to the location of the gas tanks, offering 278 liters, and 1,273 if we fold the rear seatback 60:40.

Another available point is its provision in terms of safety and driving aids, and to show a button: blind spot control, multi-collision brake, proactive occupant protection, Front Assist autonomous emergency braking, lane change warning and trajectory maintenance , adaptive cruise control, high-beam assistant, traffic alert in the rear, automated parking … And its endowment is also generous in terms of comfort and connectivity.

Two-in-one refueling

When opening the side hatch, the Kamiq 1.0 G-TEC welcomes us with two nozzles: the traditional one for refueling gasoline – it admits 9 liters – and a more sophisticated one, equipped with a high pressure safety valve, to inject compressed natural gas. In this case, the nozzle hose must be correctly inserted and blocked. Simple, and if we don’t do it properly it won’t allow us to refuel. If everything is correct, the charge will begin, and without having to hold down a control, as it happens with LPG. Fortunately, the service stations that have CNG continue to grow throughout the national territory.


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