Sketches: Acura NSX and Bugatti, High performance SUVs

Sketches: Acura NSX and Bugatti, High performance SUVs

Several talented artists draw sketches of vehicles, many of which are very interesting. This week, the RPM team unearthed two sketches that illustrate two SUVs inspired by high performance cars or brands. Could these two vehicles carve out a place for themselves in the market?

The high-performance SUV segment is growing rapidly, and buyers appreciate them since they can, in many cases, rediscover the exoticism and performance associated with a sports car in a more family-friendly, practical and efficient format. year. Porsche, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, all have made the jump, and their sales figures have exploded since. Audi, Mercedes-Benz as well as BMW which I recently tested the X6 M Competition, are also well presented in the high performance.

Some would like to see other legendary models being offered in SUV sauce, here are two prime candidates.


Sketches: Acura NSX and Bugatti, High performance SUVs

Surprisingly, Acura has yet to make the leap into the high performance SUV segment. It markets the RDX and MDX well, but their A-Spec versions aren’t what adrenaline seekers dream of.

A Spanish media outlet imagined what an Acura NSX might look like in an SUV configuration; and we must admit that the result has something to hold our attention. Not only does the recent Acura NSX represent all of Honda’s know-how in the field of hybrid cars, but its aura reflects on the brand by increasing its degree of prestige. Honda’s marketing strategists can only dream of the arrival of a high-performance SUV based on the NSX, a vehicle that may well rekindle the spirit of a brand that has been searching for years.

Sketches: Acura NSX and Bugatti, High performance SUVs

The vehicle would inevitably have to abandon its central powertrain and adopt a traditional configuration, but the additional space could make it possible to optimize the performance of its hybrid powertrain. I would even be willing to bet that the manufacturer would sell more than NSX.

A first SUV at Bugatti?

Sketches: Acura NSX and Bugatti, High performance SUVs

Bugatti is one of the few high-performance manufacturers, along with McLaren, that does not offer an SUV in its lineup. We know that the brand has hinted many times that it would take the plunge; and rumors are growing that the year 2023 marks the arrival of a first model at Bugatti. Stephan Winkelmann, president and CEO of the brand, leaves room for doubt, but has never confirmed the news.

We know that the manufacturer wants to diversify its range of vehicles, the idea of ​​an SUV would undoubtedly allow it to go and conquer a whole new market. Regardless, we expect an SUV produced by the famous French brand to have nothing in common with other models, and that its design will be just as exploded as that of its sports cars.

The internet is full of sketches showing what a Bugatti SUV could look like, but artist Sajdin Osmancevic has undoubtedly succeeded in producing the most revealing design that best captures the spirit of Bugatti racing cars.

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