Showcars Melbourne, Moonee Valley Racecourse

Showcars Melbourne, Moonee Valley Racecourse

This is another update for the Showcars Melbourne event tomorrow, Sunday 26 February, at the Moonee Valley Racecourse. You are welcome to enter your car for display with the other Monaro Club members, or to come and visit as a spectator.

Note that the show organizers are putting on an event from 5pm tonight, Saturday February 25, for all pre-entrants at the Moonee Valley Racecourse venue. They have advertised that there will be non alcoholic drinks and BBQ. On the day of the show, there will be food, coffee, children’s entertainment, raffles and trade stands.

Public entry is $10 with children under 12 free, and free public parking at the venue. The show starts at 9:00am on Sunday.

If there is anyone else who is interested in entering this show on Sunday, please let the event organizer, Jim, know so that a spot can be saved for you with the rest of the club members. The fee to enter your car is $20.

Gates open at 7:00am and the show starts at 9:00amAll Monaro club members who would like to enter this event can meet up at 7:00-7:15am in Flemington at the Coles car park (please see the attached map). We will then drive up to the Moonee Valley Racecourse as a pack and hopefully get good spots by arriving early. We will save spots for anyone who registers

their interest but misses the rendezvous time. Just follow the Monaro Club flag!

Showcars Melbourne, Moonee Valley Racecourse

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