Sells a used Volvo V70, but asks for $ 20 million!

Sells a used Volvo V70, but asks for $ 20 million!

The owner of the Swedish station wagon values ​​the model so highly due to the official license plate with the inscription ‘New York’ dating back to the 70s

” Expensive cars, expensive houses “: ” Auto care, case care “. This is the slogan that stands out once you enter the duPontRegistry website , a magazine specializing in the sale of exclusive cars and homes. Therefore, those looking for a used car will know that they will find luxurious models. Not a Volvo V70 , one of the Swedish company’s most famous station wagons and certainly not classifiable as a supercar. Instead, the V70 is there, and the beauty is that the seller requires a good 20 million dollars .

Sells a used Volvo V70, but asks for $ 20 million!

The reason for this figure

No, it is not an April Fool postponed by a few hours. The V70 is actually on sale at a price of 20 million dollars (at the exchange rate, about 17 million euros ). The reason? The license plate. Because on the front and back there is an exclusive plate with the words ‘New York’ , which can be removed and inserted on any other car. Not one of those fake plates made as souvenirs and offered for sale to tourists for a certain amount of dollars, but one dating back to the late 1970s , at the time a unique and official piece , made following a law of the State of New York that allowed American motorists to customize their registrations.

An excessive sum

That unique piece, decades later, is now worth a lot. For the Volvo salesman, as much as $ 20 million. And the procedure for any purchase would also be managed by a lawyer, given the very high sum. And, objectively, excessive for a station wagon from the late 90s .

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