Seat Leon Sportstourer 2021 Engines, Specs, Details

Seat Leon Sportstourer 2021 Engines, Specs, Details

The fourth generation of the Seat Leon is also station wagon, with the Sportstourer . Now this version adds four new engines, thus rising to 10 overall. From petrol to diesel, from methane to hybrid: a complete range to satisfy all types of customers of the Iberian brand.

Seat Leon Sportstourer 2021 Engines, Specs, Details

The 1.5 methane

We open the roundup of novelties with the methane version , powered by the 130 bhp 1.5 TGI, combined with the seven-speed DSG automatic transmission. The Seat Leon Sportstourer integrates three methane tanks with a total net volume of 17.3 kg, which guarantee a range of 440 km completely on natural gas, which extends to 600 km considering the 9-liter petrol tank. The declared consumption, by the Spanish manufacturer , is between 6 and 6.7 m3 / 100 km.

Available with all the fittings in the range, the price list starts at 22,250 euros. Furthermore, with the Seat Without Commitment formula, the new Leon Sportstourer TGI methane is available starting from 309 euros per month with zero advance.

The new 1.0 mild hybrid

Moving on to the new electrified engine, we are talking about the new 110 HP 1.0 eTSI and always combined with the DSG gearbox, with 48 V mild hybrid technology . The system allows the car to proceed with the engine off in certain driving situations (eco-coasting function), recover energy under braking (energy recovery function) and support the engine with a slight electric assistance (boost function).

Consumption is between 5.3 and 6.2 liters per 100 kilometers, for a version available for all trim levels in the range and with a price list starting from € 20,700. Also in this case, the Seat Without Commitment formula is available, at 279 euros per month.

The double diesel offer

We close with two new proposals for diesel : it is the 2.0 TDI with 115 or 150 horsepower, with the most powerful combined with the 4Drive DSG gearbox. The price list, in this case, starts from 20,900 euros for the 115 CV and from 26,600 euros for the top version.

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