SEAT Ateca: pros and cons of the SEAT SUV

SEAT Ateca: pros and cons of the SEAT SUV

Years of waiting for the first SUV of SEAT have resulted, finally, in the arrival of the expected SEAT Ateca . Already settled in the market, being among the best sellers in its segment, we review its pros and cons .

SEAT Ateca 1.0 TSI 115 CV: photos

SEAT Ateca: pros and cons of the SEAT SUV

SEAT Ateca: the pros

Size . It may sound like a joke, but the size of the vehicle matters. A lot. Even more so when in the last years we have witnessed an excessive growth of the same ones. The Aztec, however, has kept the distances, never better said, and stands at a healthy 4.36 meters long . It is situated between the new Arona and the future SUV of seven seats.

Luggage compartment . In spite of a compact size SEAT has been able to make the most of the interior space. Its 510-liter boot (485 liters with all-wheel drive) is among the largest among its competitors, slightly less capable than its brother Volkswagen Tiguan, which is significantly larger.

The first . It is not the first SUV in the market, but it is the first in SEAT. And being the first always involves greater appeal . It is the first time we see a design all-in-one in the Spanish brand, and also has been adapted to the fees imposed by the Lion, one of the best sellers in several markets. It is, therefore, a wise choice.

Behavior . The balance shown by the Lion has moved directly to the Aztec, fortunately. Their greater height and weight do not imply very different dynamic qualities. Its low driving position and a very balanced chassis set-up allow you to enjoy driving more than usual in this segment.

SEAT Ateca: pros and cons of the SEAT SUVPrice . The range of versions of the Ateca is wide, and that leaves us with the possibility of making us an SUV at a good price. Part of € 18,400 , a rate slightly below its rivals. However, a well-equipped mid-range version, like the Style, has a price of € 20,830, also a good figure.

Engines . The offer of mechanics of the SEAT Ateca is not only wide, but also very interesting. It has a tricilíndrico 1.0 entry with 115 hp and reaches 190 hp , both gasoline. Its diesel supply is well-nourished and, in addition, you can optionally choose the 4Drive all-wheel drive and the advanced dual-clutch automatic DSG.

FR Version . It surprises that a todocamino of this style enjoys of a variant of sport court. It is not a high performance vehicle to use, but it does come with a more attractive style package and high power engines. It is available with powers of 150 and 190 hp , petrol and diesel. In addition it proposes a complete equipment.

SEAT Ateca 2.0 TDI 190 CV: photos

SEAT Ateca: pros and cons of the SEAT SUV

SEAT Ateca: the cons

He\’s late . Just like being the first SEAT SUV is good news, having taken so much time to go to the market does not help. Virtually all manufacturers have proposed a compact SUV alternative before, and that has diminished their chances of leading the market , absolutely dominated by the Nissan Qashqai . Eye, which sells very well.

The rival at home . As usually happens in the Volkswagen group, each model has its replica in a sister brand. In the case of the Ateca, Skoda replicates it with its Karoq , of recent presentation. Not only offers a very similar style, also an equally attractive equipment and some differential details, such as the digital dashboard. Part of € 19,700 .

Skoda will soon have a full SUV family. If SEAT has its Arona, the Czechs will get their small urban area. The same thing happens on a large scale. While SEAT is waiting for a 7-seat SUV , Skoda already has its Kodiaq since last year.

Without star motor . It is clear, if a mechanic succeeds in the market is for its balance. And just as not all SUV buyers are looking for the best off road performance, they do not need the best performance either. Therefore it does not make much sense that to obtain the TDI block of 150 hp it is necessary to equip the total traction system compulsorily. A 150 hp TDI with manual shift and front-wheel drivewould be a more affordable and logical option.

SEAT Ateca: pros and cons of the SEAT SUVSloth . It is somewhat contradictory, but the good behavior of the chassis does not take advantage of its engines. Low-consumption and well-refined, it surprises that they do not seem to deliver the power they declare. Perhaps its softness limits the performance, and sometimes forces us to make use of the change more than desired , especially in the TDI 150 and 190 HP.

Off-road capabilities . At the moment the Spanish firm has not announced any specific version for complicated terrain. Perhaps greater ground clearance and better off-road angles would be interesting. With 189 mm of free height to the ground we can only cross tracks safely and carefree, the more broken areas are reserved for more capable models.

SEAT Ateca, video

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