Samsung will create a 5G-V2X test area for autonomous cars and connected vehicles

Samsung Electronics will create a test bench called K-City, equipped with 4G, 5G and V2X technology that will allow autonomous driving throughout the country, as reported by the company.

This system will perform up to five types of drills based on actual driving situations on roads, crossings and tunnels. V2X technology (connectivity between the vehicle and the environment) will allow vehicles to communicate with other cars and with pedestrians.

It will also be possible to recreate risk situations, as in the case of recurrent accidents, which will contribute to improving the safety of both drivers and pedestrians.

“Autonomous and connected vehicles are increasingly protagonists in the field of 5G, so Samsung’s commitment to collaborative innovation is stronger than ever,” said the executive vice president and director of the Global Technology and Networking Services in Samsung Electrónics, Jaeho Jeon.

Samsung will begin to build key IT (Information Technology) infrastructures to guarantee a minimum security in K-City. For this, the use of the Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) system will be used, since it ensures instant communication between vehicles and makes them react to unforeseen situations.

Samsung has signed the agreement in collaboration with the Korea Transport Safety Authority (KOTSA).

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