Samsung SDI Introduces Modular Car Batteries

Samsung SDI Introduces Modular Car Batteries

At the Frankfurt Motor Show, which is closing its doors tomorrow, Samsung SDI, a subsidiary of the Korean group, has unveiled a modular battery technology.

Samsung SDI is the subsidiary specialist of the battery group Samsung, and one of the few manufacturers of cells (cylindrical lithium-ion, also called 21700 ). Its batteries equip a wide range of products, from laptop to electric car and hybrid to mobile and electric bike. Currently present at the Frankfurt Motor Show, it has unveiled its latest innovations in batteries for the electric car, and one of its most noteworthy proposals is the modular battery.

Samsung SDI has indeed evolved its batteries so that they can be associated, in order to derive autonomies oscillating between 600 and 700 km. The objective is of course to come to compete with Tesla and its long battery autonomy. For comparison, the Tesla Model S offers nearly 500 km, 465 km for the Model X and 498 km for the future Model 3 . With these modular batteries, Samsung SDI gives electric car manufacturers the possibility to assemble their own batteries according to the targeted mileage. All you have to do is stack the modules, like ” books on a shelf, ” says Samsung SDI. Thus, to reach a range of 700 km, it will be enough to install 20 modules, and 10 to 12 modules for 300 km.

With such a solution, car manufacturers (including those who have not yet switched to electricity) can more easily offer ranges of electric cars according to the needs of each and, further advantage, adjust the price more finely, indexed on the number of modules.

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