The Safest Spot Seat in the Car

The Safest Spot Seat in the Car

Did you know that the Safest Spot Seat of the central square is the back seat? In addition, we must also bear in mind that it is crucial to use the devices and child seats approved and placed correctly.

The use of child seats can reduce up to 75% and deaths by up to 90% the chance of injury in a crash. Despite the importance of these security systems during 2014, according to the DGT, 2 of the 14 children under 12 who died in a car or van, not wearing any safety device at the time of the accident, or 9 nor 82 serious injuries.

The Safest Spot Seat in the Car

Since these data are extremely worrying, the Directorate General of Traffic lays down rules for small traveling with their child restraint system appropriate to their weight and height. On some cars these systems are already installed, usually hidden or embedded in the seat, although it is not normal and to travel with maximum security is essential to know what is the safest for the chair, among other things square.

Remember that it is compulsory to use approved child restraint systems to the size and weight of each child, as special seats, baskets or baby seats or child seats. Not only is it important that they are approved, but have also been placed properly to fulfill their function without any unforeseen.

Small safety depends on several factors, including the position and the engagement of the seat by seat belts or car itself ISOFIX system (universal system based on anchor points on the structure of the car). As for the position, as mentioned before, the safer the center rear and second side rear.

The Safest Spot Seat in the Car

Children in the car must be in approved child restraint systems

When the child is more than 1.35 meters and is already high enough to use the adult safety belt, it is preferable that occupies one of the side seats have a three-point belt, and that protection is greater than if only one of two points is used (as is the case with some belts in the central rear seats). Between right or left side square, the right is the safest because it gives the driver a better view of the child.

Since last October 1, 2015, all children with a height exceeding 1.35 meters should ride in the rear seat of the car in its corresponding child restraint system. This rule has some exceptions, such as when all rear seats are already occupied by other minors that height, it is not possible to install all the necessary seats or in the case of a two-seater.

This last rule is supported by numerous studies that confirm that the rear reinforce the protection of minors. However, if you are forced to place the child in the front seat by one of the situations described above, if the car has front airbags, you can only use restraint rear-facing when the airbag has been deactivated.

Besides taking into account these aspects must also know that if the child\’s head peeking over the back of the seat, it will be replaced by another of a higher group.Similarly, the Traffic Department also recommended to use the child restraint system approved to the weight and height of the child until it reaches 150 centimeters, from which moment can already use the seat belt.

After knowing what is the safest for the chair seat and other issues for traveling with kids with absolute peace of mind, do not forget to hire a car MAPFRE sure that the movements are protected by 100%. Find out about the coverage that best suit you and your driving style.

  • Where to place children: the safest car seat is the center rear.
  • Placing the baby seat: younger children go looking back.
  • Please note: the front airbag is disconnected one child ahead when traveling.
  • Penalty: no use approved child seat is a penalty ranging between 150 and 300 euros, and the withdrawal of 3 points on the driving license.

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