The Rolls-Royce SUV "Cullinan" Spied in camouflage

The Rolls-Royce SUV “Cullinan” Spied in camouflage

Derived from the new Phantom, the first Rolls-Royce SUV should begin its career in 2018. The last prototype surprised by our spies is therefore a camouflage a little lighter, and it confirms that the half-measure will not appear in program.

The Rolls-Royce SUV

Even more reluctant than Bentley to go downmarket, Rolls-Royce has long refused to offer an SUV. But the British brand will end up marketing a fighter, which should land in 2018. Known for the moment under the name of “project Cullinan”, this novelty will change its name when it is marketed. On the other hand, it will not really try to make its prestigious label more accessible. The basements will be shared with the new Phantom , with a wide use of aluminum that will not prevent the weight from flirting with the bar of 2 500 kg. As for the length, it will border the 5.50 m. With its only 5.14m “, the Bentayga so Bentley will go for a little player next door.

The Rolls-Royce SUV

A price over 300 000 €

This Cullinan will still want more luxury than his fellow countryman, and his first prize could well exceed € 300,000. Do not expect to see a diesel inviting behind its huge grille, and the arrival of a hybrid version is also far from acquired. At launch, it will therefore be content with the Phantom V12 6.75 biturbo, whose 563 hp and 900 Nm already bode well. A little more practical than the limo from which it derives thanks to its hatchback, this Rolls-Royce SUV will also benefit from its substantial ground clearance and its all-wheel drive to consider some escapades out of the bitumen. But for that, it will be necessary to take the risk to stain its precious rugs in wool of lamb.

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