Road Test : Honda Jazz 3 - Honda Jazz 1.5 RS i-VTEC (A)

Road Test : Honda Jazz 3 – Honda Jazz 1.5 RS i-VTEC (A)

And three for the most singular of urban. This new installment in the Honda Jazz benefits of unprecedented spaciousness in its segment to attract families, while benefiting from a price / best studied equipment. Enough to make a difference?

Fairly quiet in France, the Honda Jazz has been marketed since 2001 (under the FIT family name in Asia and the United States). Split between two segments (that of the traditional city and the MPV), the most musical of Japanese cars quickly won a great success. Released in 2008, the second album won fewer votes, but adopts hybridization gasoline, which makes it particularly attractive in markets like ours. This new generation intends to capitalize on the qualities of the previous models, improving many points as the interior space

Road Test : Honda Jazz 3 - Honda Jazz 1.5 RS i-VTEC (A)

Honda has the merit to remain true to his convictions. Rather than multiplying the bodies as many competitors, the Japanese manufacturer offers only one model. At least in this category. The Jazz 3 is also closer to the world of minispace. With corner wheels and ultra short bonnet, doubt is not allowed. Its totally modified bow, is more charismatic , notably with the work on optical and grille giving it a look more “premium”. However, at the time of the trendy urban win a great success, the task will not be easy for the Honda Jazz, which remains despite everything, “utility” in the spirit that truly seductive. The dimensions are fairly compact: 3,995 meters long and 1,694 meters wide.

The queen in its class

Unpublished, the passenger does not present any particular originality, if not the integration of the new generation of GPS, both well integrated and easy to use. Besides, the ergonomics of the Honda Jazz is rather well thought out, with keys that fall well in hand. A compliment that can also contact modularity. Fold, lift, tilt the seat appears to be a breeze , which is the small Japanese significantly ahead of its competitors. The Jazz 3 drives the nail in livability , simply the best in its segment, and even higher categories. Headroom, legroom, boot (354 liters minimum) ?? Space is royal! Even the Skoda Fabia must bow.

Road Test : Honda Jazz 3 - Honda Jazz 1.5 RS i-VTEC (A)
Road Test : Honda Jazz 3 - Honda Jazz 1.5 RS i-VTEC (A)

Performing for families, the Honda Jazz 3 was expected in terms of performance on the road. Its new platform favors comfort, without renouncing efficiency. Unless a rigorous Peugeot 208 for example when it comes for example to leave the pool for less cared coatings, Japanese is fun to lead as often in Honda products. However we would have appreciated a firmer direction.

Honda Jazz 3 Technical Specs

Dimensions LxWxH 3.995 / 1.694 / 1.55 m
Wheelbase 2.53 m
Cargo 354-1314 of the
Kerb weight 1066-1113 kg
Displacement 4 cylinder petrol engine – 1318 cm 3
Power 102 hp at 6,000 r / min
Couple 123 Nm at 5,000 r / min
0 à 100 km / h 11.2 s
Top Speed 190 km / h
Fiscal power 5 HP
Combined cycle 5l / 100km
CO levels 2 116 gr / km
Ecobonus Neutral
Rates from € 16,100
Model price tried
Honda Jazz 3 Executive Navi
€ 17,500

Mechanical Disappointment

It will be more severe mechanical chapter. At a time of small turbocharged gasoline and stuffed torque at low revs, Honda continues to have confidence in a traditional i-VTEC engine. Upgraded from its predecessor 1.4 liter, 1.3 liter here in the test was to reject worked less CO 2 and consume less. Except that its authorization suffers.

Road Test : Honda Jazz 3 - Honda Jazz 1.5 RS i-VTEC (A)

Road Test : Honda Jazz 3 - Honda Jazz 1.5 RS i-VTEC (A)

By relaxed driving, this mechanical sorely lacking torque (123 Nm at 5,000 r / min. Especially since the power (102 hp at 6,000 r / min) is the highest available in the towers. It nothing happens or almost low, unless you drop a few reports, and cause vocalizations tiring for the audience. And despite its short travel, mechanical box hangs. The optional CVT, unless to do only the city is not an accreditation model. Consumption values ​​play yo-yo. It is possible to go below 5.5 liters per 100 km by using the cruise-control. Opt instead on a 6.5 liters per 100 km by normally playing the selector. The hybrid version will be eagerly awaited, unless a hypothetical turbo version makes its appearance.

The rates

The Honda Jazz 3 range starts from 16,100 euros and already has a fully staffed: Hill Start Assist, emergency braking system in the city, air conditioning, cruise control with speed limiter, 4 electric windows, radio CD MP3 Bluetooth, LED daytime running lights … It is pretty well placed, since a Renault Clio 0.9 TCe proposed the same price can compete in livability, but has a much more homogeneous mechanics.

Road Test : Honda Jazz 3 - Honda Jazz 1.5 RS i-VTEC (A)

Balance sheet

The Honda Jazz is a unique car. Queen of livability, it is the ideal choice for a family who wishes to city format, which is more attractive with an access fee. His lack of mechanical approval by contrast deter those wishing to do more than the city. The imminent arrival of the hybrid version could change that. Patience.