Review Of Redesigned Honda Accord 2018

Review Of Redesigned Honda Accord 2018

The coupelike design keeps the headroom tight for larger riders, and with the seat at its lowest position it feels as if you are entering and exiting a sporty sedan.

The Honda Accord 2018 is no longer available with a 278-horsepower V6 engine because the 252 horsepower 2-liter turbo, almost the same engine as the Honda Civic Type R, offered in the Touring trim, does better. Everything revolves around the torque that, roughly simplified, allows you to move forward, while the power allows you to go faster. The outgoing V-6 Tuner is 258 lb-ft, while the 2T4 with a 10-speed automatic pump 273 pound-feet of torque, most often for an Accord.

Review Of Redesigned Honda Accord 2018

It appears from a stop and drivers may notice a slight pull in one way or another of the front-wheel drive system. Torque steer is almost inevitable with such a powerful car. All this torque is available at only 1,500 rpm, so this Accord is ready for much more pressing challenges than just passing moves.

Combine your punch with a lower center of gravity and precise handling, and the new Accord is downright fun. Yup, much more fun than the old V-6, and more fun than the new Camry V-6 in the XSE.

Review Of Redesigned Honda Accord 2018

It\’s better inside. The touch screen, flanked by an adjustment knob and volume is mounted high in the dashboard, which distances the overall neat design. Chrome strips and soft-touch materials balance the wood-like trim to keep it chic, however.

The customizable instrument cluster – inch for inch the most valuable real estate in the cabin – is what other automakers should emulate. Audi sets the bar, but Honda has overtaken GM by setting the pace of the dominant brands. With a steering wheel rocker switch, the tachometer becomes a 7-inch space to scroll through audio or phone controls, display navigation directions or check active fuel economy or daily counters. Nothing revolutionary here, but it\’s safe, smart and easy, relegating the touchscreen to a map display or device for the passenger to play with. The excellent head-up display enhances the feel of the premium car.

The automatic rewards are a dozen. But the Honda Accord 2018 is the best mid-size sedan on the market.

Honda Accord 2018 Touring Specs

Vehicle type: Midsize sedan

Base price: $35,800

As tested: $35,800 (excluding $890 destination)

Mpg: 22 city, 32 highway

Engine: 2-liter turbo four-cylinder

Transmission: 10-speed automatic

Parting shot: Camry doesn’t come close.

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