Rent Your Electric Power Terminal

Rent Your Electric Power Terminal

Electric cars users can rent them at particular load point. Without being accused of reselling the current. Explanations.

It is illegal for an individual to sell electric power to third parties – but not EDF. The opening to competition of the supply current to 1 st July 2007 changes nothing. That is why the tenants of a building each have an individual meter and a subscription to their name in the apartment they occupy. Otherwise, their current consumption is included in the rent they pay the owner.

Rent Your Electric Power Terminal
Rent Your Electric Power Terminal #1

On this basis, one might be surprised to see individuals make available against hard cash their point car to charge electric propulsion. On thewebsite , everyone can afford to rent a specific charger (commonly called wallbox ) or even its mere reinforced socket (like theproposed Green’up Legrand ). Whether passing or that they reside in the area, interested drivers can contact via the website WattPop come and charge the batteries of their cars against payment by the day.

From 2 to 20 euros to plug his car in a private

The site offers its first class according to different criteria: the type of outlet (multiple standards coexist in fact, for the greater confusion of users), the power output of which depends on the charging time (from 3 to 120 kW) and type of housing that houses the load point.

Rent Your Electric Power TerminalBMW i3 and charger WALLBOX Image © BMW

For the load point of the owner, the interest of the rent seems obvious.Beyond the community spirit that can animate and inspire him the desire to contribute to the promotion of electric mobility, he will find in thisadditional source of revenue the fastest way to cushion the cost of installation charger. For the price of the device is often compounded by the compliance of an electrical installation that was not up to standard.

According, specialist market for hybrid and electric vehicles, a charger 3 kW (16 amps) costs about 550 euros TTC, against 750 euros TTC for its faster version 7 kW (32 A) which reduces to 4 hours charging time (against twice with 3 kW). Driving an electric car certainly helps to substantially reduce its budget “fuel” (generally estimated at 2 euros the average cost of charging a Renault ZOE) but we must reckon with the batteries monthly rent, when they are not sold with the car.

Share faster to dampen the cost of the charger

For the creators of WattPop, things are clear and lend themselves to controversy: ” Users, individuals and professionals, who register on WattPop offer one thing: the rental of a space and not charging sales current. ” In fact, it does not matter to the EDF or any other distributor to know what use is made ​​of the current distributed by a battery charger: the meter is running, either the subscriber or one of his friends or his tenant who has connected his electric car. ” Our goal is to create a community around the electric car, to democratize its use by making simple long-distance travel as charging stations will be found throughout France, including in small villages , “adds Alexandre Woog Group President E-leases , causing WattPop.

Rent Your Electric Power TerminalRenault ZOE and WALLBOX Schneider Electric Image © Renault

To celebrate the opening of the site, Schneider Electric has associated its name to WattPop offers ten charging terminals 7 kW (with a unit value of 700 euros) to ten users that will be raffled among the first thousand registered. A strategy do not appreciate that owners of electric cars among which a high proportion of “activists” defenders of the principle of free and mutual assistance.

The promoters of the ” first rental site electrical charging stations between individuals “plan to develop WattPop in other countries over the coming months. Stay tuned. (