The renewed Lucid Air seen at Monterrey

We get news of Lucid Motors and its prototype, who have made a discreet face-lift to present at the Pebble Beach Elegance Competition, during the Monterey Car Week. The company\’s efforts to produce Lucid Air have not paid off in the short term and we will have to wait until 2020 to see it in the market. That, coupled with the manufacturer\’s financial problems.

The new sedan comes with a combination of dark gray and silver colors, and unfortunately is not too close to come true. The latest news we had about the moves led us to plans to build a factory in Arizona in 2016, and there it is, for the time being. You may sell Ford is not so far – fetched option.

Lucid Motors without money, and Ford with other things in the head

About a month ago , the search for financing of the startup went through directly put the sale to Ford. Whether or not the company is really interested in getting the company is not clear, although on June 28, new Ford CEO Jim Hackett visited the company along with a group of executives .

The truth is that now Ford is immersed in a strategic change after the march of Mark Fields ; In February Ford announced the $ 1 billion investment in an Artificial Intelligence startup called Argo AI to design the brain that its autonomous car fleet will take by 2021 (they have stepped back into their initial optimism).

Without funding, plans to build the plant that had been announced in Arizona, which needs an investment of 700 million dollars by 2022 , have remained on stand by . So Lucid Motors has had to delay the production of the car until 2019, which means that at least we will not see it in the market until 2020.

If financing is achieved, Lucid Air can begin to be produced when the first phase of construction of the factory is complete, which would be between 8,000 and 10,000 units per year.

The company continues, however, with its marketing strategy demonstrating just over a month ago how the Air reaches 378 km / h .

Meanwhile, Lucid Air reserves from $ 52,000 (about 46,000 euros) and limited edition from $ 100,000 (about 85,000 euros) on the web . We speak of a luxury car with an enormous power of 1,000 hp through a pure electric motorization and an autonomy over 600 km. A luxury of intangible moment and within reach of few and a history that remembers too much the one of Faraday Future.

When they are able to realize the wonders they promise, especially the prototype that has been seen by Monterrey, we can start talking about potential Tesla competitors.

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