Geneva 2017: the Kia Picanto is revealed

New 2017 Kia Picanto Illustrations Revealed

The Korean manufacturer unveils new illustrations of its third generation city car. These images are accompanied by minor details.

The opposite would have been surprising … Unless the planned communication plan finally evolved.

Geneva 2017: the Kia Picanto is revealed

For several days the new Picanto (aka Morning on his domestic market as on others) takes a cunning pleasure to spread on the web. We were able to discover first time before one second .

Kia tries to regain control with the delivery of four illustrations. History to highlight its city, this one is presented in the high finish and sports GT Line.

What actually give more glitz and relief to this new generation of car segment A whose length remains the same (3.59 m) but boasts a slight increase in wheelbase (2.40 m as against 2.38 M).

While waiting for new images (and information), here are the four most recent to discover below.

Next steps ? The presentation at the Geneva show in world premiere and then a launch in the markets in the wake.

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