Renault Kadjar 2021 debuts in the snow

Renault Kadjar 2021 debuts in the snow

The new generation of Renault Kadjar comes to light . The French model has been hunted for the first time, in its first tests, by our colleagues at CarPix. It has been on the icy roads of northern Europe, where the Kadjar has been shown for the first time.

Although there is not really much to see about the new model yet, because, as can be seen, the camouflage is still very powerful and practically does not reveal features or volumes of the body of the average SUV of the French range. If we appreciate, for example, the fine and stylish design of the headlights, although we still have to wait to confirm that the production ones have this style.

Shares platform with the Nissan Qashqai

Renault Kadjar 2021 debuts in the snow

What we do know is some technical data, because, with the Nissan Qashqai just shown, we can assure that much of the mechanical elements will be shared. In fact, it is the Japanese brand that within the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance is responsible for the development of SUVs.

In this sense, this Kadjar that will arrive on the market possibly at the end of this year, is developed on the same CMF-C platform of the Alliance. A platform released in the Qashqai and that allows to couple on it light hybrid engines and other electrified alternatives.

In the case of the Kadjarthat more intense electrification will come from the E-Tech plug-in hybrid technology, developed from the brand’s experience in Formula 1 and that we have already seen in models such as the Captur or the Mégane .

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