Renault K-ZE, An affordable, mini electric city car

Renault K-ZE, An affordable, mini electric city car

Renault boss Carlos Ghosn presented on Monday, October 1st a new small electric car, the “Renault K-ZE“, which will be manufactured and marketed in China in 2019, before “a deployment to the international”.

This vehicle of segment A (size of a Twingo), in the style of urban 4×4 (SUV), is, in terms of style, the exact copy of the Kwid, a small four-seater “ultra-low cost”, marketed in India and South America, which Renault had announced would launch an electric equivalent in the former Middle Kingdom.

Renault K-ZE will be “endowed with an autonomy of 250 km” theoretical according to the old NEDC homologation standard, “is the best autonomy of its segment,” said the boss of the Renault group, Carlos Ghosn, on the eve of the opening of the press days of the Paris Motor Show .

Renault K-ZE, An affordable, mini electric city car

Renault K-ZE, An affordable, mini electric city car

Recalling that China was “both the world\’s largest and fastest growing market for electric vehicles,” the group said the vehicle, which will be produced by the joint venture with Dongfeng Motor Group and Nissan, was “designed for international deployment”.

During the presentation of the Renault K-ZE prefiguring this new car, which will be “very similar”, Carlos Ghosn, insisted on its price “affordable”, without saying much more.

Soon a hybrid Clio

“Just as Japan, Europe, and the United States are markets in their own right, China is a market in its own right,” he said, adding that “the supply deployed in Japan and in Europe does not match the Chinese market because it is too expensive “.

“By affordable, I mean that this car will be at the same price as those of Chinese manufacturers,” he added, while promising a car “much better” because “the Chinese consumer is very demanding in terms of quality , performance, autonomy “.

He said the car would be “extremely competitive in all markets around the world”. But he has refrained from announcing launches in other countries for the moment.

“I go where is the market, and for the moment, the Chinese market is the most promising, it is the largest market and it is the market where the government makes the most effort to support the electric car”, said Carlos Ghosn, recalling that 27 million new cars are sold annually in the country.

A journalist who asked if this model would be marketed in Europe under the Dacia or Renault brand, Carlos Ghosn, without excluding the eventual completion of this vehicle on the Old Continent, insisted: “Today it is not the priority, the priority today is China “. A time mentioned by the specialized press, the arrival of the Kwid in Europe has not yet materialized.

Carlos Ghosn also confirmed the launch in 2020 of hybrid versions of the Clio, France\’s # 1 sales car, and the plug-in hybrids of the Mégane mid-size sedan and the Captur SUV.

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