Renault Captur TCe 155 FAP EDC Specs, Price, Details Review

Renault Captur TCe 155 FAP EDC Specs, Price, Details Review

Renault Captur has been a successful little city SUV since the beginning, let’s see what the latest generation knows!

Launched in 2013, the first-generation Renault Captur, with six somewhat odd body proportions, was quite successful with 1.3 million European sales. For me, these bottom-motorized and balloon-blown dwarf SUVs are still not the tip of my heart, but the new Captur is embarrassing. As the segment’s customer base eats these cars with an inexhaustible appetite, in addition to the wide selection, it can be a big headache for manufacturers to create a form that catches at first glance. Laurens van den Acker has done a great job of gaining the power of first glance, hopefully the technique will also be reliable in the long run.

Renault Captur TCe 155 FAP EDC Specs, Price, Details Review

In fact, Captur won my liking for the first time, mainly because it has good proportions. I like it when parts of the car harmonize with each other and there are no overhanging details like the grille, lamp or wheels… etc. I accepted the highly customized trademarks of the Order as the artist’s signature. The Renault SUV has a terribly streamlined effect, with edges and curves running all the way through the front bumper, hood and side. This is partly due to the fact that, when viewed from the front, it doesn’t even seem so big, although I think the whole urban SUV craze is the buffalo shoes of the car industry, in our case they made the inflated footwear from  Clió .

For the sake of a well-recognized brand, the palette has been standardized flawlessly, although for me, none has been as complete as Captur so far. You can find the characteristic lines of the LED lights offered as standard in the front of the Clio, Megane or even the Koleos , however, the vertical fog lights and the air intakes next to them are only so bold on the Clión. As with any fashion SUV for something, the spectacle has been enhanced here with the loss of a light imitating a crankcase protector, so those who believe in the impending zombie apocalypse instead of the electric cars that will save humanity can choose this excellent vehicle. However, in addition to the leaf piles that peak at the time of autumn foliage, they should not really want to climb with it, but at least you can ask for it in different colors.

Renault Captur TCe 155 FAP EDC Specs, Price, Details Review

The car also looks less well from the side than from any other angle. In fact, they worked with all the optical tricks that existed for the sake of perfection, and, as I said at the beginning, with great proportions. The plastic insert that surrounds the 18 wheel and runs around the car is broken very tastefully by a chrome insert placed above the thresholds and on the rear bumper. By the way, the doors of the new Captur also cover the thresholds, so you don’t have to worry about getting your pants together when you enter. The fender, which widens at the rear, lends a whole sporty line to Verda.

The bicolor paintwork is conquering, so it is not surprising that in the case of Captur as well, this solution can be used to make the overall effect more cheerful. The black roof used for the test car, separated from the lower two-thirds of the body by a very stylish chrome display, had a good effect on its optical deception. The otherwise 1585mm high stall seems a bit lower, giving you a good-looking car, though the 1797mm-wide and 4227mm-long car wouldn’t necessarily be a sporty form.

Renault Captur – not only was it more beautiful on the outside, it was also more spacious for passengers inside
Even after opening the doors, the sight does not disappoint. In fact, I had to look for a surface for a long time that didn’t bring in some sort of eye-screwdriver attraction. The multi-timer has a good grip, though I would have liked to have pulled closer to myself if I could, but my arms seem short. The design of the dashboard is quite imaginative, but if that weren’t enough, you can choose from several variants of the color of the lower insert, and you can also adjust the color of the interior lighting to your liking.

Renault Captur TCe 155 FAP EDC Specs, Price, Details Review

The test car was equipped with a 7-speed double-clutch automatic, one of the most important advantages of which – its technical value was unfortunately pushed into the background by me, but you can read about this in the driving experience – is that it looks good. I finally sat in a car again in which the automatic transmission lever was not taken from the stock left over from the previous decade. The most interesting point of the interior for me is the pelican mouth shape protruding from the bottom of the dashboard, which houses the shift lever, a small tray, a cigarette lighter and two USB ports. A practical way to use space, as it can hold a tray under the wallet. Incidentally, in addition to the space utilization trick, the car also underwent a measurable increase in volume compared to the previous generation, as it received 20 mm in the foot space,

The rear seats are comfortable and I found a surprisingly large legroom behind me as well. Of course, only until I pushed the rear row of seats forward to significantly increase the cargo space, because there is such a trick in Renault Captur as well. It can also be good while the kids are small, have room for another cooler in Dad’s beer reserve. The boot space is basically 422 liters, but by varying the seats, you can get 536 or even 1275 liters of space.

Instead of the classic instrument cluster, I was able to monitor driving data on a 10.25-inch display, and a 9.3-inch standing tablet is used to capture the driver’s attention. The image of the parking cameras has a very usable resolution, in addition, the distance indicators and the parking radar also work with quite a large margin. So everything is given for a successful parking. I wonder if there is a connection, say, between Parisian traffic habits and radar overruns. Or would an early panic beep be justified because of the tuning of the engine shifter? In any case, those who would rather rely on technology can receive the EASY PARKING package for a surcharge of HUF 250,000.

Renault Captur – the 1.3 engine doesn’t really come out with the 7-gun automatic
What you need to know about the test car is that they really didn’t skimp on either equipment or technique. The powerplant is none other than the more mature 155-horsepower 1.3-liter, 4-cylinder TCe. This tiny turbocharged engine squeezes 270 Nm of torque out of itself, which, thanks to its good transmission, actually flies the spacious asphalt paver in a way that is a pleasure to watch. Compared to how big a car is, it doesn’t seem like much to weigh around 1200-1300kg and the 8.6 100 sprint isn’t a bad value either. A good transmission is ensured by the 7-speed dual-clutch transmission, although there are problems with tuning.

The front-wheel platform on the steered wheels was fitted with McPherson, a rear-mounted swingarm solution. Thanks to the taller construction and larger wheels, it crosses smaller pits perfectly and is quite comfortable, although the chassis is tight rather than soft.

Renault Captur – lovable, but it has things that break down the nervous system
My surprisingly appreciative happiness lasted until I got into the first traffic jam in Budapest. The most powerful engine and the 7-speed automatic in this form are just a bumpy technical arsenal because they are absolutely inconsistent. The engine is powerful, but the transmission has to come to life slowly, and it bothered me a lot. Even after a good 500 km of city ride, I didn’t feel like I was finally used to it. The biggest trouble is that it reacts very slowly on departure and eventually jumps suddenly. Or if he doesn’t jump because he managed to handle the pedal gently enough, he starts so slowly that I would have liked to push him to Frédi and Béni.

If, on the other hand, the car has gained momentum, tuning is no longer so unpleasant, because although it is not a lightning bolt, the engine can deliver a sufficient amount of useful power over a wide range . What’s more, the fact that Michèle Mouton raises the front of the S1 at the San Remo rally with a bigger throttle adds a lot to the feeling of acceleration . I don’t know which mom will have this good point next to the car, but I liked it.

The weirdest thing about the chassis was that I kept looking for corners with the car. The car has such a minimal side tilt that I constantly pulled the corners with it. However, the tension comes at a price, although I wouldn’t say it’s uncomfortable, the car doesn’t feel good at all in the pothole forest of Budapest. It hurt my ear for me to be knocked over by the chassis and the deterrent bouncing, but let’s not forget that this is just one of the treadmills. It may have been unique to the phenomenon.

I wasn’t particularly reconciled to the infotainment either, because one day the sound went off the speakerphone, then the music from the radio. After a reboot, it worked again, but on several occasions it either didn’t play the music or muted the phone. The truth is also that I’m an avid Chinese phone user and may have the device entertained, even though I haven’t done it in any car so far.

The cabin is well insulated, doesn’t come in too much distracting sound from the environment, and is therefore not tiring with it for much travel in the city. This is a very good point, considering you were born for this. The driving assistance systems work very well, I especially liked the distance cruise because it slowed and accelerated pretty slowly, I didn’t have to worry about the pizza courier crawling in my ass being slowed down by someone from outside.

Renault Captur price and summed up
Overall , the Captur remained a fairly comfortable little family SUV , with the increase in space and the exterior also benefiting. It’s definitely a good point that they’ve made the model even more diverse for customers with plenty of color choices and a variety of extras. With the entry category equipment, it is available from HUF 5 million 499 thousand, and the list price of the top version of 155 horsepower tastes a lot two million more, exactly HUF 7 million 649 thousand. An important aspect for me is that there is an LPG version of it with a dual-engine enginebelievers like myself. As a sign of environmental awareness, I note that LPG emits more than 10 grams less CO2 than petrol, which is a major consideration for 2020. I don’t think the sales numbers for the new Captur will bring shame to the manufacturer because buyers get a lovable, practical and modern car, though there are a few things to look out for. Unfortunately, as I learned, specifically the equipment as it was the test car, i.e. the Captur TCa 155 FAP EDC Intens is not available, but there is plenty left to choose from.

Renault Captur TCe 155 FAP EDC Intens (2020)
Stroke volume: 1330 cm3
Cylinders / valves: 4/16
Max. Power: 155HP (kW) 3750 / min
Max. Torque: 270 Nm 2000 / min
Length / width / height: 4227/1797/1585 mm
Wheelbase: 2639 mm
Net weight: 1327 kg
City consumption: 7.5 l
Road consumption: 5.1 l
Mixed consumption: 6.6 l
Test consumption: 8.7 l
CO2 emissions: 139 g / km
Top speed: 202 km / h
0-100: 8.6 s

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