Renault Captur redesigned

Renault Captur redesigned, here’s all you need to know

RENAULT Captur is to be revealed at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show with a complete list of specifications, technology, design and details of its release date.
Renault unveils the latest version of the urban crossing Captur in Geneva on March 7th.

The next-generation Captur benefits from both improved interior and exterior design and new equipment.

Renault Captur redesigned

Captur retains the color of the two-tone body and design it is renamed, but Orange Desert and Ocean Blue now join the list of options plus there is a new roof color – Mercury Silver.

Customization is a big part of the appeal of new SUVs with 36 different color combinations available on the Captur.

Five exterior packs for customization include Ivory, Blue, Cappuccino, Red and Orange colors and interior modifications are available in one of six colors – ivory, blue, caramel, red, satin chrome and smoked chrome.

Renault Captur redesigned

Renault has developed a new “Pure Vision” flagship signature that incorporates LED lights in the C-shape of the bumper for better visibility and driver safety.

The French automaker has redesigned the SUV so that it more closely resembles other crosses in the Renault range including the Kadjar.

More specifically the grid, with a chrome strip added, new skid plates have the front and rear bumpers and three new wheel options – adventure, emotion and explore.

Renault Captur redesigned

Opting for the high end finish will add a fixed glass roof to the SUV in the customizable two-tone paint configuration.

Renault will unveil fully Captur at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show on March 7, where details of its pricing structure and release date will be unveiled.

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