Ram TRX 1500 Specs, Features and Details

Ram TRX 1500 Specs, Features and Details

Incredible : it is the first impression that the typical observer is able to express when he is in front of the Ram TRX 1500 , a real supercar disguised as a pick-up which, just under a year after its debut “at home” (is to say in the USA, where the sector of “off-road work vehicles” was born and has always played a leading role) also made its debut in Italy . Specifically, the presence of Ram TRX 1500 on our market takes place through the OmsAuto dealership: prices start at 97,850 euros.

Pick-up: a challenge with sales numbers

Ram TRX 1500 is the main competitor of Ford F-150 Raptor for market positioning, a role that replicates the eternal challenge that opposes the two “stars and stripes” pickups (to which Chevrolet Silverado is added): in the United States , in in terms of sales volumes, the Ram pick-up family was the second best-seller in June with 55,455 units, behind the Silverado (55,623 units) and with the F-150 in third position with 45,672 new units registered.

Ram TRX 1500 Specs, Features and Details

All changes

In detail , the TRX 1500 configuration, deliberately “extreme” (feature that confirms once more the role of sports brand has always been a prerogative of ‘ “Aries”) takes as starting point the lineup Ram 1500. The differences are, however, considerable, and concern both the car body and the equipment and drive unit chosen.

On the outside , in fact, the Ram TRX 1500 features a showy dedicated bodykit , which includes an engine hood with an additional air intake, the Ram Bar in the body, an exhaust systemmodified to two 127 mm section terminals with glossy black finish, and, at the trim level , the adoption of a series of reinforcements to the frame with side members, an aluminum arm kit and Bilstein Hawk E2 active shock absorbers that they are combined with high travel geometries (330 mm at the front and 335 mm at the rear). By virtue of the use of a set of new wider rims with 35 “Goodyear Territory tires (the size is 325/65 R18), also the ground clearance and the roadwayshave grown: respectively 50 mm (now it measures a good 300 mm) and 203 mm (front) and 152 mm (rear). Also new is the increased braking system . The characteristic angles are significant : 30 ° 2 the angle of attack, 21 ° 9 the angle of the back, and 23 ° 5 the angle of departure.

Under the hood , the Ram TRX 1500 is equipped with one of the most “monstrous” drive units ever designed by Detroit engineers: the mighty 6.2 HEMI V8 “Hellcat” already adopted by the Dodge Charger and Dodge Challenger, equipped with a volumetric compressor and combined with the gearbox.

eight-speed ZF TorqueFlite 8HP95 automatic with electronically locking Dana 60 rear differential. There are nine driving modes available to the driver . The performance values are nothing short of amazing: 711 CV the maximum power and a driving force of 881 Nm of maximum torque. (through which Ram TRX 1500 can rightfully win the “title” of the most powerful pickup in the world), which allow the Ram “giant” a maximum speed (self-limited) of 190 km / h, and a time of just 4 ” 5 for shooting from 0 to 100 km / h.

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