Price of the SEAT Leon ST Cupra R

Price of the SEAT Leon ST Cupra R

SEAT starts the commercialization of the latest Cupra model outside the Cupra brand, a SEAT León ST Cupra R that was presented at the last Geneva Motor Show and now comes not only to propose a new perspective for the sports compact segment, keeping in mind that the body on which this hypervitamined SEAT Leon is based is the family, but we can also understand it in a certain way as a farewell to the current generation of the SEAT Leon .

The SEAT León ST Cupra R is the SEAT León with the most expensive price, start from 54,606 euros.

Price of the SEAT Leon ST Cupra R

The new SEAT Leon ST Cupra R comes with a price of 54,606 euros , a price that we must justify from the exclusivity of this model, from its power, from its equipment and from the fact of putting at our disposal the total traction and the box of DSG changes . We are, I think it will be clear when saying its price, before the most expensive SEAT Leon.

This version of the SEAT Leon offers us the well-known version of 300 HP of the well-proven 2.0 TSI engine, an engine that takes this SEAT Leon ST Cupra R up to 100 km / h in just 4.9 seconds, reaching a maximum speed of 250 km / h and recording an average consumption of 7.1 l / 100 km.

Its engine has 300 HP, has all-wheel drive and a new set-up

But the important thing about this SEAT León Cupra is not just under the hood, it is that the R of its surname implies that a specific set-up has been applied to its undercarriage, giving a negative fall to the 2º wheels to get a more contact surface in full support.

Price of the SEAT Leon ST Cupra R

In addition it has been given a new tarrado to the direction , the brakes the signature Brembo , the exhaust system is also of new invoice and Michelin has shoe his wheels of specific alloy of 19 inches with the tires Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 .

The SEAT Leon ST Cupra R is limited to 300 units

Along with these ingredients we also find a specific body kit with new aerodynamic additives made of carbon fiber, with a new front splitter, with new side skirts, with a new diffuser and the spoiler of rigor, adding to the changes as new rear-view mirrors in carbon fiber.

The SEAT Leon ST Cupra R will be available only in three colors , in black, gray or white and will be limited to 300 units for the Spanish market. As standard it will have a huge list of equipment , with the Digital Cockpit, seats type baquet, electric roof, multimedia system with 8-inch touch screen and navigator, adaptive cruise control, signal recognition system or camera Rear view among other elements.

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