Peugeot 208 GT Line Puretech 130 HP EAT8 Review

Peugeot 208 GT Line Puretech 130 HP EAT8 Review

This Peugeot 208 GT Line Puretech of 130 horses and EAT8 automatic transmission. He runs even more than necessary, spends less than expected, grips the asphalt with claw, and his looks attracts attention wherever he goes. We have already carried 20,000 kilometers.

Peugeot 208 GT Line Puretech 130 HP EAT8 Review

As there is nothing better than the stories told by its own protagonists, and when we have already traveled 20,000 kilometers with the Peugeot 208 GT Line Puretech 130 EAT8, this time we are going to know first-hand the experience of the testers who have traveled the most kilometers with the car in recent weeks. And one of them is Santiago, the youngest of the team. “The last two weeks of August, 208 and I traveled about 3,000 kilometers, starting with Jávea, where I was visiting the area and its surroundings: Denia, Calpe, Oliva or the Montgó Natural Park. Average consumption, counting on the trip , which was on the highway most of the time, always around 6.5-7.0 l / 100 km, almost always circulating in Normal mode, testing the Sport at some specific moment and using the ECO mode when circulating with the lowest fuel tank. The latter restricts the response of the car quite a bit, but it certainly achieves its goal by stretching the range quite a bit when doing a type of tourist driving. After enjoying a week in Alicante, back to Madrid to spend the night and, immediately, with the engine still warm, leaving for Castropol, in Asturias.

On long trips, at least in my case – I’m 1.81 meters tall – you do notice the fatigue due to the somewhat forced posture that forces you to wear the original and attractive 208 i-Cockpit cockpit . The one in which the steering wheel has to be located in a lower position than normal to be able to see all the clocks well. And this, at least because of my driving position, ended up burdening my neck a bit after several hours. Otherwise, same consumptions as those mentioned above, always between 6 and 7 liters per 100 kilometers, circulating in Normal mode and only one person on board with their luggage.

As a detail to highlight, all the people who got into the car at the destination found it comfortable, pleasant and well finished . In addition, the exterior design liked everyone I asked, even a reader of Tapia de Casariego even stopped by the street to ask me how the test was going.

The response of this 208 with its 130 hp is very good, which makes it comfortable to drive on the regional roads that abound in Asturias and Galicia. However, what I liked the least, although I am not sure if it was a failure of this particular unit or that the problem was caused by my smartphone, is the infotainment system. This one was ‘frozen’ several times ; always, yes, with my mobile connected to be able to use Bluetooth. It always happened when starting the car, in the first minutes of use, never when it had been running for a while. We will have to try more with other mobiles and we will tell you the result. ”

On the other hand, Felipe, our most veteran collaborator but curiously also the most tireless, was very happy when we offered him the possibility of doing more kilometers with this specimen that he had already tried on another occasion. “Between confinement and this weird summer we’ve had, I was about to never take this tremendous 208 GT Line again. So when they told me that there were still kilometers to be covered, I didn’t have time to go to meet them. And I am still fascinated by the eight-speed gearbox. I believe that manufacturers are already curling the curl and that it will be very difficult to overcome the latest versions of automation. Its use is a delight. Almost all my route was developed by highway, but still I was able to enjoy a structure and suspension, for me almost perfect. Although in the plains of La Mancha its comfort is equivalent to that of a vehicle from a higher segment, when the road begins to wind the whole it transforms into a real GTI, and I even think that more than one would take out the colors.

It would not be fair if it did not highlight the support and comfort of the driver’s seat, which is the one I tried, and, of course, a radio equipment that allows you to reach the coast and return to your favorite station, as it is automatically tuned by the different regions where you travel. Finally, to say that the indigo blue color came from pearls for its sporty touch; And the most incredible thing of all, as I said the previous time, is that its engine is a three-cylinder, because of course it pushes with the force of a larger one, without vibrations or a sound that betrays it .

Pedro has also seen them with 208 on a trip through the province of Córdoba where he has visited with interest many unknown towns, but beautiful and with very interesting stories. He comments that “the 208 is a very pleasant car to drive on a day-to-day basis because the engine and the gearbox get on very well. I think it is a safe, reliable and quality car to travel with.A lot of fun in the cornering zone, although for my taste it has plenty of steering wheel laps. It has 3 when the normal is already 2.5 or 2.7. It seems little difference, but on roads with a lot of tight curves it shows. I say this from experience, because I made the most twisty road I remember, between Fuente Obejuna and Hornachuelos, 72 kilometers without going through any town. In my opinion, other aspects to improve would be the rear seats, somewhat small to travel; and a lap counter that is difficult to read due to its design. Regarding consumption, I have detected in my usual route that although it started out being somewhat high for a three-cylinder engine, this has been reduced from 7.2 to 6.8 l / 100 km , and I imagine it will continue to drop somewhat ” .

When the 208 reaches 25,000 kilometers we will make the final report, but everything points, except for those minor problems whose origin we are studying, to a magnificent general result after the dismantling carried out by our head mechanic.

Tires with rare wear and disobedient roof curtain

The 208 is loved and, in general, the note of the testers is of remarkable high. But we have detected rare wear and tear that we are going to study for the final verdict. On the first point, we have verified that the front tires have suffered a very marked deterioration on the outer edge, which has even led to the loss of bits of rubber. They are Michelin Primacy 4, one of the best tires on the market, which have always carried the pressure recommended by the manufacturer and whose useful life should exceed 50,000 kilometers. And although this 25,000 test is demanding, this wear, while still maintaining a legal depth of the tread, is not normal. The doors have decided not to open hands-free, although the buttons on the remote control work fine. And the blind that covers the glass ceiling comes to life and opens by itself.

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