Peugeot 206 from China, cost only 9,000 euros

Peugeot 206 from China, cost only 9,000 euros

We are fully aware that there is a real legion of Peugeot 206 fans and, in fact, many people still use their French utility vehicle. Therefore, we are convinced that this news will be curious and entertaining.

It stars in the Donfeng- Citroën C2, which is actually the 206 itself configured for China, with a typical front of the chevron brand during the first decade of the 21st century. What a platypus!

This peculiar car was on sale between 2006 and 2013, and even had a crossover variant, so fashionable today, called Cross, which featured a greater ground clearance and a jacket aesthetic. The model was also marketed with the sporty-looking VTS trim.

Peugeot 206 from China, cost only 9,000 euros

The two available engines were gasoline, naturally aspirated and 16-valve cylinder heads. The access cylinder cubed 1.4 liters and delivered 76 hp at 5,300 rpm, as well as a maximum torque of 120 Nm at 3,400 laps. The most powerful reached 1.6 liters and developed 106 hp at 5,850 rpm and 142 Nm at 4,000 laps.

As standard, the Peugeot 206 from China worked with a five-speed manual gearbox, although the 106 hp version optionally had a four-speed automatic transmission (infinitely worse than the current PSA Group EAT8 box).

For the rest, it was only sold with a five-door bodywork and, in addition to the front, the drivers with transparent lampshade, a solution that became fashionable in the tuning world, as well as the marked rear spoiler and the output escape from sight.

China’s Peugeot 206 (or Dongfeng-Citroën C2, remember) measured 3.87 meters in length and offered a boot of 245 liters. Of course, it was much smaller than the current 208, its current replacement, which declares 4.05 meters in length and 309 liters for luggage.

Other components that it incorporated and that are no longer common in modern vehicles are the 14-inch rear drums and wheel trims (hubcaps, for that we understand). Although, there were versions with 15-inch alloy wheels.

Our protagonist was marketed for an access price of 71,800 yuan, which at the current exchange rate is 9,200 euros. Of course, it was a curious model and confirms the very different tastes that can be had in different parts of the world.

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