Operating chips for cars: it is estimated that its shortage will last until 2023

Operating chips for cars: it is estimated that its shortage will last until 2023

A good part of the automotive industry has been frontally affected by the lack of basic production inputs such as tires and operating chips in new cars .

Operating chips for cars: it is estimated that its shortage will last until 2023

The different levels of preventive confinement to prevent the spread of COVID-19 caused inadequacies in the distribution of essential inputs in different production areas globally, and the automotive industry was no exception. According to data from the BBC, some of the car assemblers could continue to lack operating chips, which are essential for vehicle operation, until 2023.

According to statements by one of the executives of Mercedes-Benz, Ola Källenius, the chip factories have paused their private production in Malaysia due to the lack of inputs and personnel to carry out the work, so the production of new vehicles has been seen ” significantly impacted ”.

Likewise, the managers of these chip factories have affirmed that their production will be reduced until mid-2022 since from a structural point of view the shortage situation will become less and less dominant. For these reasons, it is expected that the lack of operating chips could affect automotive production in 2023 but it is expected that “it will not be with the level of severity that has been experienced in recent months.”

The executive for Mercedes-Benz also affirmed that the industry in which he works has learned a lesson from the “stress test” that was the last year and that as a result preventive measures will be taken that will improve the production line (and supplementation ) in order to create a much more robust system. According to data from BBC Business.

On the other hand, Harald Kroeger, a member of Bosch (one of the largest auto parts distributors in the world), told him that much of the problem comes as a secondary consequence of the dramatic increase in demand for auto parts in recent months . What he classifies as “very good news” for that industry-

Another of the items that has not reached a “usual” level of production within the automotive industry are tires , since a large part of their creation is carried out in Asian countries where there are still restrictive measures regarding work in open spaces for prevention of the spread of COVID-19 . So the creation of new cars is increasingly complicated, above all, due to the conditions necessary for the workers who create their parts to work.

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