Opel Grandland X Review, Convergence between habitability and road surface [TEST DRIVE]

Opel Grandland X Review, Convergence between habitability and road surface

Opel Grandland X – Compact external dimensions, functional technology systems and enhanced versatility. Opel\’s new Grandland X strengthens the brand SUV\’s proposal. The list starts from 26,000.00 Euro. At launch, however, we speak of 21,900.00 Euro

A shadow slippery road anticipates the smooth rhythm of the new Opel Grandland X . It blends between the asphalt and the grass of the countryside that border the German roadways of the Hesse . Frankfurt is behind. You are traveling to Darmstadt , savoring the motor guards on the smooth asphalt motorway or the overall maneuverability along the small countries marked by the characteristic yellow signs.

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Opel Grandland X Review, Convergence between habitability and road surface [TEST DRIVE]

The size and appearance of the new Opel Grandland X are typical of a compact SUV , just note the carved tracts, the typical protrusions displayed by these vehicles, the high mechanics. But, in this case, particular aesthetic attention and behavior on the road communicative and not too exuberant, they convey an alternative idea of ​​SUV in close symbiosis with the concept of crossover.

The maneuverability is based not only on solid mechanics, but also on the large glazed surfaces and on the high position to handle the 4,477 mm length , measured at a width of 1,856 mm (excluding external mirrors) and a heightof 1,609 mm . The various assistance systems, in particular blind-blind presence sensors and rear-wheel drive, help to increase ride comfort. But it\’s just a part of the triple face of Opel Grandland X , assessing the convergence of aesthetics, habitability and technology in the new X concept that distinguishes the SUV\’s range of Lightning.

Opel Grandland X Review, Convergence between habitability and road surface [TEST DRIVE]

The aesthetics, one of the cornerstones of this design, is emphasized above all by the particular front grille, with chrome-plated inserts. Same combination combined with the daytime running lights of frontal optic groups, including Adaptive Forward Lighting AFLs, or the possibility of having a panoramic roof as well as the paint and ribs that characterize the bodywork.

In the rear, this stylistic look is confirmed by the profiled rear lights and the still carved and energetic look. The aforementioned habitability is favored by the accentuated step, 2.675 mmfunctional for the comfort of five people, thanks also to the seats certified by an AGR post office. Factor to be added to a large load space ranging from 514 to 1,652 liters with the rear seats reclined, in the ratio 60:40 . The 866 mm height of the loading threshold, then, does not appear so conditioning in access to the trunk. Not to mention that, according to the layout, the equipment can also include a convenient boot opening command, passing the foot under the car\’s end, better known as “hands-free . 

Opel Grandland X Review, Convergence between habitability and road surface [TEST DRIVE]

The cockpit welcomes you well . The high driving position is easily adjustable and the controls are carefully arranged. They are easily reached. The wide infotainment screen, the soft touch-sensitive materials, and the attention to good-looking assembly are also appreciable, though with some reserve in the door area. Convincing also is the navigator\’s clear graphics, and for those who love music, a Denon Premium Sound System isfeatured with eight speakers and a subwoofer.

In the second, line up, then, there is the right space for the head and legs of the passengers. Among the proposed charms, a Wi-Fi board can be used by seven devices.

Opel Grandland X Review, Convergence between habitability and road surface [TEST DRIVE]

Although aesthetics and space are crucial points of the design, the technological part particularly enhances the new Grandland X , considering above all that, from the access point of the range in Italy , Advance , there is a 7 inch Infotainment NAVI 5.0 Intellilink system the extensive connectivity afforded by AppleCarPlay , Android Auto , the assistance service OnStar of Opel, but also the support of devices such as a cruise control, a speed sensor signal detector, and another system that monitors compliance with the lane.

Other systems include: rain and light sensors, the so-called “third eye” focused on Opel Eye safety , in particular a precious emergency braking system that also detects pedestrians already active above 5 km / h capable of braking the vehicle below 30 km / h to operate at 50 km / h. But there is also a Driver Drowsiness Alert System , an Adaptive Cruise Control with stop function available on request, and therefore a device forparking assistance ( Advanced Park Assist ) combined with a retrocamera that allows a 360 degree mink . All aspects that have allowed the new Grandland X to get the five-star EuroNCAP in recent tests.

Opel Grandland X Review, Convergence between habitability and road surface [TEST DRIVE]

Electronic fingers coexist in symbiosis with a consistent mechanics and weight in the complex content, which can vary by engine and transmission from 1.930 to 2.020 kg . Among the options, the IntelliGrip, which electronically optimizes traction in different situations, coupled with five driving modes, amplifies the vehicle\’s roadworthiness.

Initially, there are two units on the Italian market: a compact 1,2 turbo engine of 130 hp (96 kW) and 230 Nm ofmaximum torque at 1,750 rpm or, alternatively, a fuller 1.6 Diesel less powerful than the first, from 120 horses(88 kW), but with a higher torque of 300 Nm at 1,750 rpm. Just the couple is the fact we think crucial between the two motors, considering the type of car.

Opel Grandland X Review, Convergence between habitability and road surface [TEST DRIVE]

In either case, the rhythm appears fluid as well as the grafts if you are in for six manual transmission or whether you choose a six-speed automatic. The younger brother with Peugeot is warned, but Grandland X proposes a pretty marked personality, extending a more promising liveliness thanks to the Diesel couple or a more silent regularity when under the bonnet the smallest gas heart is pulsed. A bit of roller that is always manageable is perceived in curve, perfectly suited for a medium size SUV. Returning to the “couple” factor, one of the most interesting questions is how the gasoline engine can behave when the car is fully loaded with Diesel. During the drive to Darmstad, during acceleration and uphill trains, gasoline showed some uncertainty as there were only two people and a few luggage in the car. Different the consistency of the diesel engine, ready and orchestrated with regularity from automatic transmission .

We also have an interesting consumer value of 5.9 liters / 100 km , always pointing to traffic, uneven rhythm and ratings of the driving qualities of the car. The house reports, returning to gasoline, fuel consumption according to the New NEDC European driving cycle:5.5-5.1 l / 100 km on average and CO2 emissions of 127-117 g / km ; while the Diesel counterpart stands at an average of 4.6-4.0 l / 100 km and emissions of 118 to 104 g / km of CO2 .

Later, a more powerful Diesel engine , 180 horsepower, and an eight-speed automatic gearbox is expected . Also mention new less powerful engines, and even further, the debut of the first hybrid version of the Opel branded plug-in was anticipated , although no precise indication has been provided at this time.

Opel Grandland X Review, Convergence between habitability and road surface [TEST DRIVE]

The event “Open Doors” dedicated to the new Grandland X of Opel is scheduled for October 21 and 22 and the price starts from 26.000,00 Euro , if it favors a basic version of gasoline, or 34,100.00 euros opting for a Diesel engine . But in the launch phase, until exhaustion, the starting price starts at 21,900.00 Euro , according to what has been reported.

The range for the Italian market, made up of three solo outfits, includes the already wealthy Advance , then climbing to the most innovative Innovation and b-Color. This latter distinguishable not only from the 19-inch alloy wheels , but above all the darker contrasting roof color with that of the bodywork.

In summary : Opel Grandland X includes technical aspects that underline a concrete idea of ​​road movement, combined with a sober and at the same time energetic style. A car for those who appreciate a promising but relaxing ride consistency, in addition to the need for useful space for the family.

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