Nissan shares his best moments of 2015

Nissan shares its best moments of 2015

With the arrival of 2016, Nissan will take some time to reflect on the achievements during the past year, and the launch of exciting new vehicles.. Here we present count some of the highlights for the brand in 2015:

The new 2016 Nissan Maxima offers new design, unique performance and an interior level luxury brands

Nissan unveiled the new Nissan Maxima under the New York Auto Show in April. To make the presentation was attended by the president and CEO of Nissan, Carlos Ghosn, who addressed a wide range of topics, including Nissan\’s investment in the United States of $ 10.1 billion dollars in the last three decades.

Nissan shares his best moments of 2015

Created by and for enthusiasts of sporty handling, the radical styling of the new 2016 Nissan Maxima is unique in its segment and is unlike any other vehicle that is in the streets. The new flagship vehicle of Nissan not only takes the iconic heritage positioning and Maxima, also sets a new standard of style, performance and technology in the sedan segment.

2017 Nissan Altima adopts a new design language to provide new look

Carlos Ghosn, CEO of Renault-Nissan Alliance, shared a preview of what will be the new Nissan Altima 2016 during a series of media appearances he had business in New York City.

“Nissan Altima has it experienced five consecutive years of sales growth, becoming the only vehicle in the midsize sedan to do so, with sales growth of over 60 percent since the start of economic recovery in 2009 segment,” Ghosn.

“With this new and redesigned 2017 Altima, we expect to be even more competitive in the market,” concluded Ghosn.

2017 Nissan Altima hit the Mexican market in the second quarter of 2016.

2017 Nissan Sentra debut at Los Angeles Auto Show

After major redesigns of the Nissan Maxima and the Nissan Altima, the company released an updated Sentra 2017 in the Los Angeles Auto Show in November completely.

“For the 2017 model we have given our popular Sentra a complete renovation – is a redesign March 3 for our top sedans. As we did with Altima, are making a powerful brand to make it even better, “said Fred Diaz, senior vice president of Sales, Marketing and Operations for Nissan North America.

There is planned introduction of the new 2017 Nissan Sentra the Mexican market in the second quarter of 2016.

IDS Nissan Concept: The vision of the future of electric vehicles and autonomous driving

Nissan Motor Corporation revealed in the 2015 Tokyo Auto Show, a concept vehicle that includes Nissan\’s vision on the future of autonomous driving and zero-emission electric vehicles: Nissan Concept IDS.

During the presentation at the Auto Show, Carlos Ghosn, Nissan president and CEO he said: “Our next technology innovations will revolutionize the relationship between the vehicle and the driver as well as the future of mobility”.

After leading the development and expansion of technology of electric vehicles, Nissan is again positioned as a spearhead in automotive technology. By integrating advanced security control and artificial intelligence generation, Nissan is among the leading developers of practical applications in the real world of autonomous driving technology.

In August 2013, Ghosn said that by 2020, Nissan plans to equip different vehicles with innovative technology of autonomous driving. The progress of this plan remains on track to achieve that objective.

Nissan Leaf is celebrating its fifth anniversary reaching 200,000 units sold

Nissan celebrates five years of being located at the head of the electric vehicle market thanks to one hundred percent electric Nissan Leaf. Since its launch in 2010, this vehicle has transformed the performance, practicality and public perception of the electric segment, making Nissan the undisputed leader in this technology.

Nissan Leaf is so advanced and innovative today as it was five years ago. No other automaker has produced many electric cars or travel that far without producing emissions. In fact, customers of Nissan Leaf has exceeded the mark of two thousand million kilometers, which is equivalent to 2,600 round trips from the earth to the moon.

According to the turnover of the last five years, this remarkable achievement has avoided the emission of 328.482 tons of CO2.

Nissan automotive brand is the fastest growing in 2015

Nissan was named one of the most valuable brands in the world in 2015, according to Interbrand, a leading consultancy in the world brands.

In its most recent study on the Best Global Brands, Nissan ranked 49th, up from 56th in 2014 and obtained far exceeding the 90 position compared to when the brand made its appearance on the list in 2011 – with a value of mark of $ 3.819 billion -. Nissan automotive brand is the fastest growing in the study published this year.

“The rapid rise of Nissan in just five years the place 90 to 49 shows that are present in the right places and we are committed to consumers, remaining always true,” said Roel de Vries, Corporate Vice President and Global Head of Marketing, Brand communication and Nissan.

“It Grow a global brand that is exciting and innovative is an integral part of the success of our company,” he added.


Since January, Nissan products have been recognized for excellence in a wide range of media. Some of the awards include:

· The WardsAuto magazine included the new engine 3.5-liter VQ-series V6 Nissan Maxima 2016 in its list of “The 10 Best Engines”.

· The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS, for its acronym in English) based in the United States recognized four Nissan vehicles in “Top Safety Pick Plus” (TSP ) “Top Safety Pick” (TSP) award and by the security features included in their 2016 model year.

· The all-new Nissan Pick Up TITAN XD was recognized with the prestigious “2015 Truck of Texas” award.

· Nissan was named one of the 50 best employers in America by Forbes magazine.

· The all-new Nissan Murano won the audience award of the magazine MotorWeek, prizes for the cars and trucks they want to see parked at home.

· Nissan March was recognized as “Best Subcompact Vehicle Basic” in the Study of Quality and Reliability of JD Power 2015 in Mexico.

· Nissan Micra was named “Subcompact Vehicle of the Year” in the awards in Canada.

Nismo wins

Nissan won numerous titles this season, both local and international categories.Besides having won two championships in Super GT – GT500 and GT300 class – Nissan won its first championship in Blancpain Endurance Series, Pro category, as well as overall victory at the 12 Hours of Bathurst, Australia for the first time in 23 years.

The GT Academy program has already attracted more than five million participants and is a route already established in high-level motor racing; his talented former students continue to achieve victories and podiums for Nissan in a variety of championships worldwide.

Here are highlights of this year Nismo:

Champions · Super GT

· Nissan Greaves Motorsport championship takes

· Nissan GT championship wins world\’s largest

· Nissan teams conclude their best season in the Pirelli World Challenge series despite the challenges in Laguna

· Nissan announces the return of the innovative Nismo GT-R LM to the tracks in 2016

In Mexico, some of the major achievements during 2015 include:

Credi Nissan, through its “Get” program placed more than 5,000 contracts in the last year

The “Get” program is an initiative of Credi Nissan – institution of leading automotive credit in the country – which was launched in September 2014 and is specifically directed to segment customers entrepreneurs who intend to purchase a new or pre-owned vehicle but They can not verify income.

From January to November 2015 the “Get” program has placed 5,029 contracts.Most vehicles financed during this period were: Nissan Versa, Nissan NP300 chassis, Nissan March, Nissan Tsuru and Nissan Sentra.

Nissan engine produces 11 million plant in Aguascalientes

A nearly 33 years into operations engine plant in Aguascalientes, Nissan Mexicana held its engine production 11 million, reflecting the quality of production processes and Mexican labor, recognized by the company level world.

The Nissan engine plant in Aguascalientes – ranked one of the top three engine plants of the Renault-Nissan Alliance – began operations on 13 November 1982. Currently on this floor 8 types of engines are produced in 5 different lines production, which manufactured an engine every 16 seconds, achieving thus produce 3,754 engines per day.

Nissan celebrated the start of logistics operations at the Port of Mazatlan

The arrival of the first ship of imports of Nissan Mexicana at the port of Mazatlan marked the beginning of the vehicle operating company in the port, thus strengthening the logistics activities in the country and enhancing competitiveness in delivery times of vehicles to customers .

In addition, the arrival of the first ship strengthens the presence of Nissan Mexicana not only along the Pacific coast, but adding to the total of ports where operations are currently: Acapulco, Lazaro Cardenas, Manzanillo and Veracruz, which improves connectivity both internally, and externally the country.

Nissan confirms its leadership in the field of exports to receive the “National Export Award” by the Ministry of Economy

The extraordinary work done by Nissan Mexicana in the field of exports has been recognized by the Ministry of Economy (SE), by granting the National Export Award 2015, as part of the closing of the XII Congress of Mexican Foreign Trade carried held in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco. The ceremony was led by President of the Republic, Enrique Peña Nieto.

This award represents the highest honor awarded to leading companies in foreign trade and aims to stimulate economic growth through exports, thus contributing to the development of Mexico.

Daimler and the Renault-Nissan Alliance placed the first stone of its new plant in Mexico strategic cooperation

Daimler and the Renault-Nissan Alliance laid the foundation stone of the complex manufacturing of strategic cooperation called COMPAS (Aguascalientes Plant Manufacturing Cooperation) in Aguascalientes, in central Mexico, which will produce compact cars Premium brands next generation Mercedes Benz and Infiniti.

COMPAS is owned 50:50 Daimler and Nissan. Both companies will invest a total of one billion dollars in the project of strategic cooperation, and it will oversee the construction and operation of the manufacturing plant.

CIVAC Nissan plant meets 49 years of uninterrupted operation in Mexico

Nissan Mexicana proudly celebrates the 49th anniversary of his CIVAC Plant, the first plant built outside Japan Nissan, which began with the production of vehicles in 1966, thus initiating one of the best success stories for the corporation GLOBAL and to the Mexican automotive industry.

Nearly five decades of the start of operations in Mexico, CIVAC manufacturing complex has been characterized by constant innovation and performance, which has resulted in allocations of strategic projects for the company as the production of multipurpose van NV200 and Taxi version produced exclusively for the city of New York or, more recently, the production of the all-new Frontier NP300 Pick Up.

Inaugurated in Aguascalientes Nissan Global Training Center of the Americas to Renault-Nissan

Nissan held the inauguration of the Global Training Center (GTC) of the Americas at the premises of its plant in Aguascalientes A1. This training center is the only one for the Renault-Nissan Alliance in the Americas and the second Global Training Center outside Japan.

Nissan\’s plant Aguascalientes A1 was chosen to host the GTC of the Americas for its high standards of quality, competitiveness, highly trained and numerous certifications in processes and methodologies, as well as being instrumental in the training of staff currently Nissan operates plants in Mexico and A2 Aguascalientes Nissan\’s plant in Resende, Brazil.

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