Nissan does not intend to let VW take the lead on the electric

Nissan does not intend to let VW take the lead on the electric

The Japanese manufacturer announces an offensive over the next few years in the field of electric, and in particular of the recharging.

The Renault-Nissan Group does not intend to let VW pull the electric cover alone. If the German manufacturer has multiplied the announcements of electric cars at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Nissan also intends to demonstrate ambitions in the field.

At the Electric Future event organized by the Japanese firm in Norway, Oslo, Nissan revealed its roadmap for the next few years. The brand introduced the European version of the Leaf, with a range of 378 km, a new e-NV200 van with a range of 174 km, and the creation of 1000 recharge points in Europe over the next 18 months. The strategy also relies on the installation of fast chargers in the office or at home, allowing recharging in less than two hours.

Nissan Europe president Paul Willcox insisted that Nissan first entered the electric car market in the mid-2000s. “Every day I open newspapers, and I see that new builders go to the electric. Welcome to the party, let\’s say! “

According to the president, this interest in electric cars is a reaction to the reputation crisis that affects the automotive industry, including Volkswagen, with the DieselGate. Above all, he was very confident for the future: “Nissan launched the electric car revolution ten years ago,” he said. “And we’ve sold more of these cars than anyone else on the planet. In short, we’ve been selling it for far longer than anyone else, and we\’ve got a plan for the future more interesting than everyone else. “

Nissan does not intend to let VW take the lead on the electric

The manufacturer also announces the installation of an energy sharing system called xStorage. The idea being to allow users of electric cars to share their energy with other cars. The xStorage system should also be able to refuel with solar panels. Currently in test in Denmark, Nissan would like to set up this system by 2020 with 100\’000 kiosks installed.

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