New Volvo XC40 Test Drive, Here's the Review

New Volvo XC40 Test Drive, Here’s the Review

In the classification of vehicles highly anticipated by the public, the New Volvo XC40 occupies a place of choice. The Swedish SUVs have indeed a sacred rating, and the fact that Volvo is attacking a category more popular than its XC90 and XC60 has something to arouse interest! First elements of answer with the test of version D4.

New Volvo XC40 Test Drive, Here's the Review

The New Volvo XC40 is even more important than it looks, since it is the honor to inaugurate a brand new platform that will then be used by Volvocompact cars , as well as probably by vehicles Geely, Chinese owner of the Swedish brand. Let us pay tribute to our Belgian readers, because if the eastern markets will be provided in XC40 by a Chinese factory, those we lead, European and more Western (including the US for example), will be produced in the factory Volvo from our neighbors, located in Ghent.

When we look at the XC40, the first thing we identify is obviously the now traditional stylistic language of Volvo. No one can deny the modernism of drawing, nor the fact that compared to what the inevitable German competition proposes, the Volvo design is really less conservative and more eye-catching. Taking a closer look, the XC40 also reveals a clean, young and dynamic personality. Logic since it targets an audience at the average age of lower. This originality can be seen in things like the two-tone body, whose nuances seem particularly sought after, and in other details, such as the very pronounced stall at the flanks, which gives rise to imposing C-pillars.

The look is actually so premium that we can not help feeling a real disappointment in discovering the cabin. We are talking about a vehicle that wants to compete with Audi Q3, BMW X1, Mercedes GLC and the imminent Jaguar E-Pace. We aim high, we aim for luxury, we aim for quality. Too bad, therefore, that Volvo has chosen to adorn its interior with some hard plastics, flattering neither to the eye, nor to the touch. We are clearly under German standards. In a category where the customer tends to be very picky about this stuff, this choice could be regrettable. Unless this tendency to cut the hair in four is stopped clean by the aesthetics of this cabin. Because there, on the other hand, Volvo erases any competition. The interior presentation of the XC40 is terribly attractive. The look finds a host of interesting little details, creative, which are lacking in others. We also enjoyed the bright atmosphere on board, making the XC40 a machine that seems to want to welcome families with a smile. It feels good !

New Volvo XC40 Test Drive, Here's the Review

The family aspect, let’s talk about it. There is first space. At the rear, the space at the knees and head is more than enough for four (very) large adults to travel in XC40, and they could be five if the central tunnel was less bulky.

This Volvo is also generous in storage spaces, themselves often of impressive dimensions. For example, this is one of the few vehicles whose door pockets can accommodate a large laptop.

New Volvo XC40 Test Drive, Here's the Review
New Volvo XC40 Test Drive, Here's the Review

 Without breaking records, the volume of the trunk is in the right average but it is especially by its design that it shines. For example, the articulated floor, which can be used to modulate the space to stabilize small objects, or the fact that when the seat is folded down (at the touch of a button), the large loading area is perfectly flat, That is not always the case. At the same time, the XC40 comes down from a long line of famous breaks. Tradition, when you hold us …

We took over a D4 diesel version, including the 2-liter loose diesel 190 hp at 4000 rpm and 400 Nm at 1740 rpm. Only one box on the menu (at least with this version), an automatic 8-speed. From the first hundreds of meters, we note with pleasure that these horses do not pray. The engine responds to the slightest demand and while we drive a diesel associated with four-wheel drive (all it takes to weigh down a car!) The XC40gives off a pleasant feeling of lightness. Then, when the road allows us to climb a little tempo, one of the origins of this lightness is manifested. While our first impression of the engine’s discretion was rather favorable, it is noticeable as soon as it approaches 3000 laps. Ah yes, OK, this is a diesel! So that’s where Volvo has picked up a few pounds. Except that again, when we position ourselves in the premium, it’s something that is a little stain. We certainly knew Jaguar 2.0D or Mercedes equipped with 2.0 gasoil to which we could address the same reproach, but is it an excuse?

The first winding portions of our itinerary, we travel in Comfort mode, the aptly named. As we are entitled to expect from Volvo , the XC40 is indeed very considerate. Side behavior, no more surprise. The understeer does not appear too early … but ends up being a little demoralizing.

We are still trying Dynamic mode. But with conventional non-adaptive suspensions (it will come later), it’s a bit out of spite, with little hope that it changes anything to the balance of the car. Yet something is happening! This mode obviously ensures the “union minimum” by making the accelerator more sensitive and the steering firmer, for a better feeling. But the most fun is that the laws of management of the integral transmission are also modified. Suddenly, the rear end benefits from more torque, and the effect is immediate. The understeer is much later and the big fast curves are swallowed at bluffing speeds. And at the foot-lift, the rear axle makes it possible to place the car exactly where you want it, but smoothly of course: we are not in a Focus RS! In short, the XC40 is able to seduce a driver who likes to drive dynamically, and we do not have the memory of having had in hand a Volvo as fun since the nineties, when they were still good old propulsions!

When we talk about equipment at Volvo , we necessarily talk about safety, the workhorse of the manufacturer if any. We can also talk about infotainment, but we will come back to it later.

The XC40is therefore worthy of his coat of arms. The imminent collision warning system and emergency automatic braking (more simply: City Safety) is one of the most advanced of its kind since it detects pedestrians, cars and also large animals. On the Momentum version, which is the entry-level for the moment, also come standard intelligent cruise control, recognition of traffic signs, a host of airbags and, most importantly, driving assistance. the most prominent of the moment: active help in maintaining the way. Know that it was very useful during our test. Should we rejoice? Not exactly, because that is what is for us a real fault of the Volvo who made this help so saving. To know more, see the “high tech point”

To this, the R-Design finish adds a sportier presentation of course (specific grille, dual exhaust …), Nubuck upholstery and leather, navigation, Sport chassis, LED fog lamps, and alloy wheels 18 ” specific.

Finally the Business finish is reserved for companies, its equipment varies only anecdotally from that of the Momentum.

New Volvo XC40 technical Specification

New Volvo XC40 Test Drive, Here's the Review

The key numbers

Start date of marketing 21/11/2017
Parts and labor warranty: in km Unlimited mileage
Parts and labor warranty: in months 24 months
Maintenance interval: in months 12 months
Displacement 1969 cm3
Number of cylinders 4
Number of valves per cylinder 4
Fiscal power 10 CV
Couple 400 Nm to 1750 rpm
Fuel Diesel
Gearbox Automatic
Number of speeds 8
Din Power 190 Ch at 4000 rpm
Length 4425 mm
Width 1863 mm
Height 1658 mm
Trunk volume mini 460 L
Max trunk volume 1336 L
Number of seats 5
Unloaded weight 1733 Kg
Performance / consumption
CO2 emissions 133 g / km
Acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h 7.9 s
Mixed consumption 5.1 Liter / 100 km
Maximum speed 210 km / h

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