New Suzuki Swift Sport, now with ECO label for € 23,680

New Suzuki Swift Sport, now with ECO label for € 23,680

The renewed Suzuki Swift Sport is now micro-hybrid and declares 129 HP of power.

One of the most famous small sports cars has just undergone a major renovation, although at first glance it may not seem like it. There are no draft changes on an aesthetic level, but mechanically this new hybrid Suzuki Swift Sport can be more interesting than ever.

The last of the small Swift with a sporty character has been switched to turbocharging , giving it not only power but also a new character. Of course, maintaining three of its pillars: a contained power, a low weight and a tempting price. Now all this has changed with the new version , let\’s see why.

New Suzuki Swift Sport, now with ECO label for € 23,680

With light hybridization

Although the mechanics of the Suzuki Swift Sport hybrid remain essentially unchanged, it now declares less power. It has gone from 140 to 129 CV , something that compensates (although it does not add) with a new 48 CV 14 CV electric machine that assists the thermal engine in phases of acceleration . It cannot move the car by itself, so it will never work in fully electric mode.

However, this serves to keep consumption and emissions at bay, also obtaining the coveted ECO label from the DGT. It approves an average consumption of only 5.6 l / 100 km , making it one of the most efficient small sports cars on the market. Of course, this helps a low weight of just 1,000 kilos that has increased by 50 in this latest version.

For its part, this string of innovations has caused the new Suzuki Swift Sport to be slower than the version it replaces. It makes 0 to 100 km / h a second slower (9.1 seconds) , achieving an identical maximum speed: 210 km / h.


New Suzuki Swift Sport, now with ECO label for € 23,680

One of the things that does not change is the equipment policy of Suzuki with its small Swift, and especially in this Sport. It is remarkable that it equips LED headlights , emergency braking with a pedestrian detector, fatigue detector, alert for unintended lane change, high-beam assistant or adaptive cruise control .

Furthermore, it does not neglect comfort elements such as a rear parking sensor, automatic climate control, keyless access and start, and even heated front seats. Incidentally, the standard multimedia system has a 7-inch touch screen , browser and is compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

The negative part has been the price increase that all this implies. It happens to have a relatively high price for its power, specifically € 23,680 if we do not include discounts . With the current campaign it drops to € 21,680 , a rate championed by the ECO label that shines on the windshield.

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