BMW X7 Overview

New SUV BMW X7 Overview

BMW unveiled yesterday its brand new X7, a very large SUV with seven seats, for a very selective clientele. A model that sets new standards of congestion, and will find on its way some well-established references.

At 5.15 meters long, the X7 is without a doubt one of the most massive luxury SUVs. The Mercedes GLS, its perfect competitor, is indeed shorter by 2 centimeters while the Audi Q7 will appear almost compact along its 5.05 meters “only”.

BMW X7 Overview

To these two competitors all designated, are added other less spontaneous. But the customer looking for space and luxury can also turn to the Range Rover LWB (long wheelbase) measuring 5.20 meters. If it is absolutely to take advantage of seven places, it will be able to opt for a Land Rover Discovery, admittedly much shorter (4.97 m).

And do not forget the American alternatives: the Tesla Model X, of course, which is also proposed in configuration six or seven seats and shining by the originality of its electric motor. But also the Cadillac Escalade, available in two lengths: 5.18 or 5.70 m! The latter will undoubtedly be the most exotic choice of this category!

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