new Škoda infotainment Features & Details

new Škoda infotainment Features & Details

The world of digital technology is advancing at an incredibly fast pace, and automakers are trying to follow this trend. An exception is not even Škoda, which recently introduced a completely new generation of infotainment with a more modern operating system and advanced functions. The Czech manufacturer skipped the competition in many areas, but at the same time tried to keep the intuitive control of the system at such a level that everyone could really understand it just a few minutes after the first use in the car.

new Škoda infotainment Features & Details

What does it offer?

The gateway is the Swing multimedia system, which offers an 8.25 “touch screen, DAB tuner and smartphone connection via SmartLink wireless technology via Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. Thanks to the built-in eSIM card, the new Octavia can always be online and download current news or weather. The Bolero system offers up to a ten-inch screen of the touch system and the possibility of additional purchase and activation of the navigation system.

In addition, Bolero offers gesture or voice control with Laura’s digital assistant, who understands six languages ​​as well as whole sentences. Navigation maps are updated online, and the driver also has access to Internet radio and radio and television streaming services. The top Columbus system also offers a 10 “touch screen, but in this case the navigation system is built-in as standard and can display the navigation map in a different zoom mode than the Virtual Cockpit. This function can be set using the touch bar below the display, which also controls the volume.


  • Swing (from basic equipment) – 8.25 “touch screen, phone screen mirroring, eSIM options.
  • Bolero (in Ambition equipment for extra charge, standard in Style) – 10 “touch screen, possibility to purchase additional map data, voice and gesture control, online services, wireless mirroring of the phone screen.
  • Columbus (for Style for extra charge) – 10 “touch screen, map of Europe, online services for 1 year.

Information flow

All systems in the new Octavia work together. For example, you can see the navigation instructions not only on the central display, but also in the virtual cockpit or head-up display. No essential information will escape your attention, but you can customize its display according to your taste and mood.

In addition, you can change the type of information you want to be displayed on the right or left of the virtual cockpit by using the steering wheel controls. In addition, you can choose from several thematic styles – Basic, Classic, Navigation and Assistance systems. For RS models, an exclusive mode with sports graphics will also be available.

new Škoda infotainment Features & Details


The central display offers the greatest amount of information or settings, but normally the driver uses only a few functions, so it is good to pull the most important ones to the surface. You can easily customize the tiles of the main screen, similar logic works here as with a smartphone – just hold and adjust it as needed.

You can place other quick features in the download bar (swipe from top to bottom to see), where you can choose from quick settings for the start-stop system, screen brightness, stabilization system or audio. This way you can always have the most important thing at hand.

A great and intuitive feature is the touch bar (slider) under the central display. You can easily feel it without having to take your eyes off the road. In addition, it responds across the entire width, so it doesn’t matter in which part you touch it. You can change the volume by sliding your finger, but after clicking into the air conditioning submenu, you can also control the heating temperature, for example, with the bar. Brilliant!

Last but not least, we have a completely new way of controlling the vehicle, through a voice assistant called Laura. The new advanced voice control, which also uses online data, can meet a variety of instructions. It can start navigating to a specific destination, search for your favorite music, or you can dictate an SMS to it. Laura can handle all this in up to six languages. In addition to English, you can speak German, Spanish, Italian, French or Czech. How does it works? All you have to do is say, “Okay, Laura.” You don’t even have to press a button or do any other activity. Laura understands whole sentences, so the driver does not have to use any specific instructions from the database.

Under control

If the vehicle has the Škoda Connect or SmartLink service, you can download a handy mobile application with interesting tweaks to your smartphone. Basically anywhere you can check if the car is locked, how much fuel remains in the tank and where it is located. When looking for a car in the parking lot, the function of turning on lights or a horn will also come in handy. In addition to the condition of the vehicle, you will also receive information about the rides, the average consumption or the distance traveled. Great thing for those who rent their car to someone else, such as children.

new Škoda infotainment Features & Details

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