New Seat Ibiza: all the details

New Seat Ibiza: all the details

Unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show, the fifth generation of Seat Ibiza replaces the previous one identically. As is the trend in this segment, it wants to be more serious and prosperous.

the new Seat Ibiza recalls the recent Ford Fiesta unveiled a few weeks ago. Preserving an obvious family tone with his predecessor, the latter does not renounce his lineage. For all that, the city to the Blue Oval presents lines more opulent than before. Forgotten the superfluous features, the Fiesta is now closer to the top category, by its serious and upgraded finish. A way to seduce buyers of compact family, rejected by models precisely less and less compact?

The recipe seems to be identical to Cologne and Martorell. Thus, the new Seat Ibiza also gains in presence thanks to more harmonious volumes. If the length of 4.06 m remains the same, the width is expected to increase sharply, with an increase of 9 cm. This explains why the Spanish city now seems much better camped on its wheels. Passengers should take advantage of this enlargement, while the extended wheelbase of 9.5 cm compared to the previous version promises better legroom. The trunk volume reaches 355 liters. This allows him to beat his cousin the Skoda Fabia as a city car to the biggest chest.New Seat Ibiza: all the details

Like the Renault Clio, the Seat Ibiza abandons the 3-door body

Seat is already announcing the abandonment of the three-door body on its fifth-generation Ibiza. The Spanish city car follows the movement of its competitor Renault Clio. The manufacturer of Martorell makes the same arguments to justify his choice: according to him, the new style of the Ibiza is sufficiently dynamic in five doors to dispense with a three-door body. As rationalization of the ranges is underway within the Volkswagen Group, the Polo will follow the same path. For now, there is no question of the future of the station wagon version.


Pending the future Volkswagen Polo, the fifth-generation Seat Ibiza is the smallest model of the Volkswagen Group to rest on the MQB modular platform. So far, the Audi Q2 has had this privilege. Under the hood, a number of engines are picked up from this very chic urban SUV. In essence, the three-cylinder 1.0 TSI is therefore again of the game, in two power levels: 95 hp and 115 hp. Subsequently, a new four-cylinder 150-hp (probably the 1.5 TSI of the EA211 Evo family, inaugurated by the restylée Golf) will make its appearance.

Disappearance of the three-cylinder diesel on the Seat Ibiza

In Diesel, the surprise is of course, since we see reappear the four-cylinder 1.6 TDI available to choice in 80 hp, 95 hp and 115 hp. That sounds the death knell of the unpleasant three-cylinder 1.4 TDI shared with the Polo. This block will have had an ephemeral career … Up to 95 bhp, the Ibiza has a manual transmission five-speed, and six-speed ratio beyond this threshold. The optional dual clutch and seven DSG7 gearboxes are available. The list of equipment increases, with the appearance of an automatic driving assistant in the caps, an induction smartphone charger or diode projectors.New Seat Ibiza: all the details


The range is inspired directly from that of Leon. Along with the Reference, Style and FR finishes already known on the current model, is added a new XCellence. More chic, this one aims to attract towards the Ibiza a clientele looking for a top-of-the-range model with a more classic look. So far indeed, complete equipment rhymed with aggressive look on the Ibiza. And Ibiza XCellence will not have the suspension to the more sporting settings of the FR.

The new Seat Ibiza was unveiled in Barcelona on 31 January 2017 in the evening at a dedicated event. It will make its first public appearance at the Geneva Motor Show, with commercialization scheduled for June 2017. Prices will be announced on this date.

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