New Rolls Royce Phantom: royal

New Rolls Royce Phantom Specs, Redesign, Interior

Long live the queen. The reference of the limousines has a new skin … but that does not jump to the eyes. The design changes smoothly. But technical side, it is almost the revolution with a V12 biturbo and an aluminum structure.

New Rolls Royce Phantom: royal

Fourteen years old. A canonical age in automobile production. Except at Rolls Royce , each model seems timeless. But there comes a time when they have to abdicate to give way to a new sovereign. Appearing in 2003, the first vehicle designed under the BMW era, the Phantom VII descends from its throne and passes its crown to the Phantom VIII.

The design: by small touches

Between Rolls Royce Phantom VI and VII, there had been an interruption of a dozen years … and especially a change of century. Hence an enormous evolution. But this time, the passage of witness is direct and no question of everything upset. The Rolls have a huge vertical grille topped by the Spirit of Ecstasy, a long flat hood, a belt of body that plunges backwards … Small originality in the profile: two ribs succeed each other on different levels. The Phantom retains rectangular optics.

New Rolls Royce Phantom: royal

Inside: first class

In a Rolls, the most important remains … the rear seats. The Rolls Royce Phantom is primarily designed to make its owner travel. Customers can choose between different types of seats, such as armchairs with individual armchairs. The center console includes a mini bar, with icebox and whiskey and champagne glasses. The doors are always with antagonistic opening. All four can now close by pressing a button.

New Rolls Royce Phantom: royal

The driver who passes from one Rolls Royce Phantom to another will not be disoriented. The dashboard continues to reveal a charm to the old, with its opulent forms, chrome-plated aerators controlled by pulls, its needle watch … But Rolls is not hermetic to modernity. The proof: the instrumentation is 100% digital.

On the personalization side, the manufacturer invites the owners to give free rein to their imagination for the decoration of the central band, called “The Gallery”. Everything is allowed, even appeal to the designer of his choice. For the rest, it is evidently a profusion of noble materials: leather, wood, metal …

The technology is up to date. The equipment includes the alertness wizard, 360 ° vision, collision warning, head-up display … But there is no question of innovating by offering a world first.

New Rolls Royce Phantom: royal

The technique: always V12 but biturbo

More than a decade has passed since Phantom VII was developed. It is therefore the technical part which evolves most. The car inaugurates a new aluminum base, which will be reserved for the brand (so nothing to do with the Series 7). Rolls Royce insists a lot on this, tackling in passing the competition that shares bases with more common cousin brands (the looks therefore turn towards Bentley).

The aluminum makes it possible to gain in robustness and in lightness. Wishing to be the best car in the world, the Phantom does not start off hunting for extra pounds. No question of trimming on comfort for example. The proof is 130 kg of insulation. Rolls says it\’s the quietest car on the market. The air suspension is associated with a camera that analyzes the road ahead.

Under the hood, there is no question of doing downsizing. The Phantom remains faithful to the V12 6.75 liters. But the block still adopts two turbos. The power is flying from 460 to 563 hp. This is logically the same for the torque, which now reaches 900 Nm from 1,700 rpm. The box is an automatic 8-speed ZF original, coupled with GPS to refine the shift reports.

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