New Peugeot 208 vs Renault Clio 5

The two most sold cars in France unveil their new generation at the same time in Geneva. Neat presentation, high-tech equipment, electrified engines: they set the bar very high. More than ever, the 208 and Clio are all great. The first confrontation between these best enemies was inevitable and looks very tight.

Exterior design: evolution against revolution

But yes, it’s a new Clio  ! Renault did not take any risk, changing timidly the design of the fourth generation, it has much pleased. At least, the brand had the good taste not to force the line, and the change, although it is too discreet, is successful. The Clio has a more chic and mature look. The most visible is the appearance of hooks under the headlights.

In front, it’s another music. The 208 makes its revolution, giving up its appearance too buboule for a pace of small compact, with a less plunging hood. The silhouette is more muscular and stronger. Too bad, however, that some elements give the impression of having been added awkwardly, as the black wheel arches on the GT and GT Line, the junction headlights / grille or the headband on the trunk.

Interior presentation: two rooms, two atmospheres

There too, the two take opposite directions! The 208 plays big show, with its digital instrumentation in height to the surprising (and very successful) effect in 3D. Not far away, there is a large touch screen of 10 inches (for the high end, otherwise it will be 7 or 5 inches) oriented towards the driver, in landscape format. There are also other elements of the i-Cockpit, namely the little steering wheel and the “toggle switch”. It feels like you’re in a higher class model, with neat details, like the mood lighting that extends into the doors. Some will find that it is still too busy.

Moreover, the Clio has a much more Zen, with a simpler presentation, but just as technological, with a touch screen vertical 9.3 inches and a digital instrumentation (but implemented in a conventional way). The Clio keeps classic controls for air conditioning. We especially greet the huge leap forward compared to the old model! We also appreciate the raised shifter, which looks good for driving, and the possibilities of customization, with different colors for the central banner.

Advantage: 208, for the originality.

Habitability / Safe: a Clio with a large boot

The new Clio announces a large trunk volume for the category: 391 liters. But counting the space under the floor, which can lower. On the other side of the coin, there is an important difference between the threshold, high enough, and the bottom of the chest. The 208 has a lower threshold, but its volume is less generous, with 311 liters. Another concern for the Peugeot: the doors at the rear are quite small, which does not facilitate access to the bench. Access is better in the Clio. The Renault hides its rear handles well.

Advantage: Clio, more welcoming.

Range of engines: hybrid vs electric

Sign of the times, these little ones emphasize the essence. With each time, a small block of 75 hp to make the base price. In some markets, the Clio will even dare the 65hp SCe. Then we climb for one and the other at 100 hp and 130 hp. Diesel side, the Peugeot is simple, with a single offer of 100 hp. At Renault, there will be 1.5 dCi in 85 and 115 hp.

The difference comes from electrification. The 208 will be offered as a 100% electric variant. With its battery of 50 kWh, the range is 340 km. The Clio opts for the simple hybrid, with an innovative technical solution. A petrol block 1.6 is coupled to two electric blocks, the first helping start, the second serving as a generator. No 100% electric variant, but there is in the range the Zoe, which will be reviewed in late 2019.

Advantage: Clio, for the hybrid in addition to the electric Zoe.

Equipment: small high-tech

208 and Clio take a step towards autonomous driving. On both models, depending on the finish, of course, you will find an adaptive cruise control with the Stop and Go function on the automatic gearboxes, a slot assist (which can be 100% automatic on the 208 with automatic gearbox), help in keeping track, recognition of signs, automatic high beam … The Clio takes a little advantage with a 360 ° vision system and especially a real function of semi-autonomous driving in traffic jams and on track fast, which manages speed and direction up to 160 km / h.

Advantage: Clio, a little better endowed.

New Peugeot 208 vs. Renault Clio 5: the first verdict

Theme Advantage 
Interior presentation208
Habitability / SafeClio
Range of enginesClio

The winner: Renault Clio

It had been announced, the match is very tight. The new Clio and 208 are going for blow. The city of Losange slightly takes the advantage here with a slightly more supplied engines and some more technologies. We can not wait to confront them on the road. It will take for that to wait until the return. 

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