New Opel Astra, All the aesthetic features of the sixth generation

New Opel Astra, All the aesthetic features of the sixth generation

The new Opel Astra is certainly one of the most important innovations that the German automaker has brought to the market in the last year. It is a vehicle that compared to its previous generation has been renewed in many respects. In a video, the Stellantis group wanted to highlight that the sixth generation of the famous Opel model was created to excite its customers from the first glance.

The new Opel Astra was born to excite from the first glance

New Opel Astra, All the aesthetic features of the sixth generation

Opel’s first goal when this car was designed was to create a car that was a real design object. This of course not only with regard to the bodywork but also in reference to its interior. Ilka Höbermann, Opel’s Colour and Trim Designer, in a new video that appeared on YouTube in the past few hours, wanted to explain the style of this car and how the new Opel Astra has become a sort of manifesto of the new Opel style that the German company intends to implement also in its future models.

What the designers wanted to give to the new Opel Astra was a design that could make you think first of all of a car “Made in Germany“. Obviously central to the new model is the new Opel Vizor which, like other recent cars such as the Mokka, Grandland and Crossland, represents a fundamental element in Opel’s new style.

Clean and pure lines in full German style for the sixth generation of Astra

The new Opel Vizor as it was conceived gives the new Opel Astra a very dynamic appearance thanks to the very inclined rear pillar. Ilka Höbermann said that for her made in Germany means a car with clean lines and also combined with technological elements. The secret behind the development of this car was to find the perfect harmony between the elements.

The team of designers has also elaborated on the yellow color that we have seen in all the promotional images that guarantees boldness and liveliness to this Opelcar . Particular attention has been paid by the designers to the cockpit and in particular to the driver’s station that has been put at the center of everything and has been equipped with a completely digital instrumentation that envelops the driver.


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