Comparative - The new Jeep Wrangler facing the old

The new Jeep Wrangler facing the old

The wait is finally over: we can now see how Jeep has evolved the iconic Wrangler for its new generation. Not surprisingly, Jeep designers have not abandoned the timeless silhouette of Wrangler. And yet, its design has benefited from major changes, which help modernize this legendary SUV: the current generation of Wrangler, called JK, was launched for the first time in 2006, while the very first generation celebrates this year\’s 30 years !

Unfortunately, Jeep has unveiled only a handful of photos for the moment, and we will have to wait until November 29, 2017 for a full overview of the new Jeep Wrangler, at the Los Angeles Auto Show where it will make its world premiere. For now, here\’s how the all-new Wrangler has evolved against its predecessor.

Comparative - The new Jeep Wrangler facing the old

Comparative - The new Jeep Wrangler facing the old

First of all, it would not be a Jeep without its famous grille with seven gills: the Jeep Wrangler 2018 has of course kept this emblematic signature on its front. But it has been subtly reworked, with new headlights that seem to want to embed themselves in the grille, thus deforming the two outer louvers. These lighthouses, always round, have been modernized with the inclusion of several internal elements that will act as both high beam and crossing, leaving the small additional lights below.

We also find on the front fenders new horizontal lights acting as daytime running lights and turn signals, the set having probably adapted LEDs for a more modern light signature. Still in terms of lighting, the front bumper always embeds the two fog lamps, but they are now integrated more modern with two chrome surrounds with a grid honeycomb.

The windshield of the new Jeep Wrangler seems to be smaller and slightly sloping, no doubt in favor of aerodynamics. Visible screws at the base of it are now fewer, while the front cover has undergone a deep makeover: we\’ll talk about it before the end of the article. Large rectangular mirrors provide a sturdy appearance still preserved, but their integration has been improved. For the rest, the essential look of the Wrangler is always at the rendezvous, with visible door hinges, large plastic handles and a lock “old” always present on the front doors.

This is the cliché that has most moved Jeep fans: the windshield is always folded! But now, the A amounts are dissociated from the frame of the windshield, which offers, when it is folded, more protection to the cabin which is framed by steel arches. Jeep describes this new windshield as more convenient because it can be handled more easily than on the current generation.

On its other aspects, the new profile Jeep Wrangler looks a lot like the current generation. However, we find front wings sculpted and embarked a new air intake, while the fenders are more modern than before, being here painted body color. The essence of the Wrangler\’s design is still there, like the black plastic fuel tank cap with its rugged look, the taillights protruding from the body, and the third brake light protruding above the wheel. emergency in the back.

Although Jeep has not yet unveiled photos of the interior (which you can however discover via the previous stolen photos of the Jeep Wrangler ), we can see in this picture the presence of a traditional handbrake, a lever transfer box as well as conventional mechanical gearbox: purists will be delighted! The central console will be deeply redesigned and the on-board equipment will be updated, including the latest version of Uconnect infotainment system.

The hood

Comparative - The new Jeep Wrangler facing the old
Comparative - The new Jeep Wrangler facing the old

Few pictures of the new Wrangler have been unveiled for now, but this aerial shot of the car shows us more about its new hood, which will benefit from a major reshuffle: it will still be retained by visible mechanical fasteners, and will have black plastic air intakes (possibly optional depending on finish) surrounded by new body ribs, and two larger black rubber stops to hold the windshield in the folded position.

What other novelties?

These first official photos confirm that the new Jeep Wrangler will still be marketed in its two silhouettes: two doors and four doors with the model Unlimited, more and more popular. Jeep promises in its release that the new generation will have “improved aerodynamics” as well as “dozens of different combinations of doors, roofs and windshields”.

As for the mechanics, rumors announce a new Wrangler offering a 3.6-liter V6 engine, as well as a 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbocharged. A motorized hood could also be on the menu, while Jeep will offer a choice of more than 200 Mopar accessories available at dealerships as soon as it is launched. A little later in the life of the model, we should also see landing a declination pick-up Wrangler.

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