New Hyundai Veloster: first anticipation of the interiors [TEASER]

New Hyundai Veloster: first anticipation of the interiors [TEASER]

Hyundai Veloster MY 2019 – The approach to the new Hyundai Veloster continues with some new teaser images. For the first time the interior of the car will be shown, which will be radically renovated, introducing a gritty two-tone structure that highlights the centrality of the driver\’s seat.

New Hyundai Veloster: first anticipation of the interiors [TEASER]

Hyundai Veloster MY 2019 – Teaser

Hyundai has released a new series of teaser images of the second generation of the Veloster that should debut at the Detroit Motor Show.

While some of these shots reveal the shapes and proportions of the South Korean sports car, there is one that arouses particular interest because it is the first that gives us a glimpse of how the Veloster interiors have been updated.

Although the image is a sketch design, this is enough to show us that the Hyundai hatchback interior will offer many new features. The most striking stylistic feature is the two-tone color scheme , with the driver side in bright red , which also involves the upper part of the dashboard up to the passenger side, which is instead characterized by gray. We do not know yet if the series model will have such a strong stylistic signature, but this anticipation is a sign in that direction.

The general layout of the cabin elements also changes. The instrument panel is set inside a hexagonal frame, while an asymmetric placement characterizes the controls on the central dashboard orienting them towards the driver. On the upper part of the dashboard you can see some of these commands, placed on the dashboard, where the infotainment display is also placed.

As for the exterior look of the new Hyundai Veloster, the previous advances have already shown us that the changes will be much less profound and evident than those reserved for the passenger compartment. The main novelty is reserved to the rear with the tail of the car that has been made more round and soft in the forms.

New Hyundai Veloster: first anticipation of the interiors [TEASER]

At the time of launch the new Hyundai Veloster could share the engines with the Elantra GT. The basic engine will be a 2.0 liter aspirated 160 HP with 6-speed manual transmission or 6-speed automatic. For those who want more power, there should also be a 1.6 turbo with 200 hp and a 6-speed manual transmission or 6 or 7-speed automatic transmission.

Hyundai also plans to develop a new Veloster N that could be powered by the i2N 2.0-liter turbo-powered four-cylinder 242hp, with power ready to climb up to 270hp for the Performance version.


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