All New Honda NeuV Prototype

All New Honda NeuV Prototype

Honda has published photos and some new details of the NeuV (acronym for New Electric Urban Vehicle), a prototype that presented briefly at CES 2017 (Consumers Electronics Show) in Las Vegas.

Honda NeuV is an electric car of unconventional aspect that has an artificial intelligence system, called Honda Automated Network Assistant that, besides giving him autonomy in the driving (Honda does not say what level of autonomy) gives him, according to Honda, capacity to “check the driver\’s emotional state in his facial expressions or tone of voice, and thus provide support for safer driving.”

All New Honda NeuV Prototype

To do this, the system “collects information about the driver’s lifestyle and preferences” and establishes a link between the car and the driver. Honda also says that it is a prototype “based on the fact that vehicles for use private are inactive 96% of the time, “although we do not know what this phrase means or if they will clarify it later.

Based on the images , it is observed that it has two doors that open by pivoting backwards on a transverse axis and a screen of very large dimensions instead of a dashboard

Other brands have also recently introduced artificial intelligence prototypes, such as Audi, with the Elaine Concept or Renault, with the SYMBIOZ . More details of this vehicle will be known during the Tokyo Motor Show in 2017. Honda NeuV

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