New Ford S-Max 2015 Prices, Engines, Equipment

New Ford S-Max 2015 Prices, Engines, Equipment

Discovered in September 2013 through a concept car that eventually was only the version of makeup series and then in spring 2014 under the Vignale luxury finish, the new Ford S-Max 2015 will be launched in June, coincidentally simultaneously Renault Espace 5th version .

New Ford S-Max 2015 Prices, Engines, Equipment

Ford S-Max 2015 Styles

Some people believe in a facelift, and they are not wrong. Ford has chosen the smooth evolution of the design of its minivan S-Max (who won for the recall Car of the Year 2007), the second generation adopting an identical figure to that of its predecessor, making the passage additional 2 cm (4.80 m) and width (1.91 m) for a similar height (1.66 m).

However, the facies loses its trapezoidal plug and its pair of round projectors for the current Ford identity with fine optical long calender, the remainder taking more reliefs while the rear has almost unchanged lines.

Obviously, the interior is a leap forward with a series of touch screen disposed on the top of center console, sports fans will regret the round air vents, but not the appearance of a three-spoke steering wheel, more enveloping seats and a much more flattering finish. The trunk is reported to 285 liters mode 7 seats, 700 in 5 places (against 854 previously), and can climb to 2,200 liters in 2 places.

Ford S-Max 2015 Engines

The petrol engine range “EcoBoost” is composed of small gasoline engine 1.5 liter 160 hp with manual transmission only (6.5 l / 100 km – 149 g / km CO2), headed by the powerful 2.0-liter 240 automatic transmission horses (7.9 l / 100 km – 180 g / km CO2.

In diesel, the offer is more consistent with the choice between different 2.0-liter 4-cylinder “TDCi ‘powers 120, 150, 180 hp (5.0 l / 100 km – 129 g / km CO2) with optional the automatic gearbox (except 120 hp). Note, diesel 150 and 180 hp variants are available in 4-wheel drive ‘Intelligent AWD “.

Ford S-Max 2015 Equipments

Two finishes are available, Trend (gasoline and diesel 160 hp 120/150 hp) and Titanium (160/240 bhp petrol and diesel 150/180 hp). Trend offers standard 7 airbags, alloy wheels 17 inches, radar front / rear, automatic climate control, GPS, adjustable leather steering wheel height / depth, 8 inches touch screen audio system with CD / USB / Bluetooth to 9 speakers, which adds Titanium automatic braking under 50 km / h, reversing camera, power liftgate, Intelligent Cruise Control with recognition of panels, keeping in the lane 10-inch touch screen, keyless start.

Two colors are standard (white and dark blue), and 7 are optional 700 euros (black, red, blue, lunar gray, gray-green Guard, Magnetic Grey and Grey Metalicious).

The price of the new Ford S-Max range from 33,600 euros for the petrol version of Trend 120 hp at 41,300 euros for the petrol version of Titanium 240 hp, without options.

Pictures of the Ford S-Max 2015
New Ford S-Max 2015 Prices, Engines, Equipment