New Ford Fiesta Preview, the whole technology

Ford Fiesta is much more than a car. It ‘ a symbol . A piece of industrial history and, in some countries, even the costume. A name so loud that would have the potential to be a brand in its own right. A little ‘as 500 , Panda , Golf , Beetle , Corvette , 911 and very few other examples. Today, it is the turn of the Fiesta number seven. A car with a long history behind it, but looking ahead. Far ahead.Read how Ford introduces: “And ‘the car most technologically advanced in the world in its segment.” Demanding, as a premise, but also as a promise. In the way that Ford intends to keep, we will see in detail later. In general, it is interesting to note that the Ford Fiesta range is far more differentiated than seen so far. The elegant you want? Here is Vignale . The favorite sports? ST-Line for you. Who opts technology will be in Titanium self seeking, while lovers of reinforced bumpers and SUV look will have the Active , which is the biggest news and a little ‘also the surprise, from the supply side , the seventh generation Fiesta. It remains the bodywork of three doors, while the engines ranging from 70 to 140 HP, waiting for the more sporty ST, which will come later. In short, the legacy of the model it replaces is heavy (it is the best-selling car in the B segment in the first half of 2016 in Europe and the second one), but the new Fiesta seems to be able to collect the inheritance without fear.

Ford Fiesta : Quiet, They thinks of everything

Technology, we said. There is so much in the service of connectivity and younger, but it is only right to mention before that for security : at the top, you will have a platform based on two cameras, radars 3 and 12 ultrasonic sensors to control 360-degree area around the car and the road ahead up to 130 meters. On this architecture base their operation different devices. For example, the automatic emergency braking with assistance pre-collision and recognition of pedestrians, even at night and, first time on Fiesta, the semi-automatic parking system, which performs the maneuvers both in parallel and in perpendicular (the system acts automatically on the steering, but if necessary will brake autonomously to avoid the bumps. “from high-end like the Ford Edge and the Mondeo arrive also the recognition of traffic signs , automatic high beam activation (able to recognize any truck which shall opposite direction, avoiding dazzle). to fulfill the initial promise, the Fiesta VII is also the first car in the B segment in Europe to offer the incoming traffic monitoring while reversing. to this was added the cruise control adaptive , the cameras to the blind spot, the indicator of the safety distance, the detection of fatigue of the driver, the monitoring and the maintenance of the driving lane and the emergency alert pre-collision.Confirmed, finally, the automatic emergency call in case of an accident, which provides information on the car’s location to rescuers.

Sync 3 and evolved voice commands

“I feel like a coffee”: will this, the new Fiesta with Sync 3 , to search for the nearest bar, add it as a destination in the navigation system and bring you to your destination. The same for gas stations, pharmacies … It is not a new feature, but according to Ford this evolutionary step has made easy to use. Sync 3 also means a new touch-screen 8-inch capacitive , faster and more responsive, with pinch and swipe function (in practice, you use it as the screen of a smartphone), but especially integration with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Specifically, those who use Android can access via voice commands, to Google’s search services, Google Maps and the Google Play storefront. Those who use iPhone, will connect cable to the machine and then use the Siri Eyes Free , which benefit from voice services Siri. In the cheaper versions, Sync 3 has a color screen 6.5 “and 4.2”, which leaves room for the docking station MyFord Dock, for the housing and feeding of smartphones, navigation systems and other devices. For the rest, the new Fiesta offers as standard Bluetooth connectivity and dual USB port; enthusiasts of music in high quality heavy can have, paying him aside, the B & O PLAY Sound System with 10 speakers and a power outputof 675 watts total .

Design and quality

To sell a car to like. It may seem trivial, but it is not, since a wrong design frustrates years of research and development. For the new Fiesta, Ford has focused on clean lines , a profile almost MPV (the slope of the bonnet and the windscreen slightly changes), as well as on the now classic, large front grille. Other elements that characterize it are the high waistline, but not overly as happens on some competitors, and the small “light point” made at the base of the pillar.What I do not see, but that in the short and especially in the long term will make the difference it is the attention to quality. Small and large things that make a difference in everyday use. For example: the wipers wipe the 13% more of the windscreen and have the nozzles of the integrated windshield washer, the doors require the 20% of thrust in less to be closed, while the EasyFuel system, without cap, prevents users from using the wrong fuel and prevents droplets produced by the pressure can reach the outer surfaces.

Interior to taste

Opening the doors, the main element (at least on the top of the range versions) is the big screen 8 “at the center of the dashboard, which completes a very hi-tech design , characterized by a bridge with very moved surfaces and a display Color, in the center of the instrument, which was not there before. Very important: the regulation of the volume of the radio, the frequency selector and climate controls remain on “physical” buttons , as is fitting for optimum ergonomics. Unlike the past, it also provided a large catalog of personalization for what concerns inserts and combinations. From the point of view of space, on the rear seats there are 2 cm more for the knees.

1 to 1.5-liter engines, 3 and 4 cylinders

First, the most important for the market numbers (and the best, for the kind of machine): TheEcoboost engine – 1.0 turbo petrol three-cylinder – is available with 100, 125 and 140 hp. For new drivers or generally for those with a budget, there is instead a 1.1, more 3-cylinder, 70 and 85 hp. Diesel: the displacement is only 1.5 liters, but the powers are two, 85 and 120 CV. More than for the performance, though, the Fiesta has always been at the top of the segment for cornering agility and driving pleasure. Qualities on which they worked in Ford further reinforcing the frame (+ 15% torsional stiffness) due to steel boron, to laser welding and reinforcement for the subframe. Still, the front track has been enlarged to 3 cm and that of 1 cm back, making possible the use of 18 “wheels. A front anti-roll bar, hollow and lighter, contributes to better control the movements and the feel of the steering , which friction has been reduced by 20%.

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