New Electric Crossover Kia Ev6 (2021) Specs, Details, & Features

New Electric Crossover Kia Ev6 (2021) Specs, Details, & Features

Kia has unveiled the first news and images of the EV6, its new all-electric crossover model, before its official presentation at the end of March.

Based on Kia’s new modular electric platform (E-GMP) ( which has changed its logo ), the EV6 is the first “zero-emission” vehicle with a design, inspired by crossovers, influenced by the brand’s new philosophy, called Opposites United (“the opposites united”). The EV6 is the embodiment of the Korean manufacturer’s change towards electrification.

New Electric Crossover Kia Ev6 (2021) Specs, Details, & Features



The new Opposites United philosophy , which will drive the design of all future models produced by the brand, rests on five pillars. The first, “boldness for nature” , is inspired by details, shapes and proportions found in both the natural and human world. The second, “Joy for the Reason” , focuses on the feel and vibe of future Kia vehicles .

The third, “power for progress” , builds on the brand’s current design strengths. The fourth, “Technology for Life” , adopts new technologies and innovations to promote positive interactions between humans and machines. Finally, “tension for serenity” , evoking the tension between opposing forces and creative contrasts, offers design concepts made of sharp details.


The exterior design of the EV6 is the result of a collaboration between the three Kia studios located in Namyang (Korea), Frankfurt (Germany) and Irvine (California, United States). The crossover has, in its front part, lights characteristic of its “Digital Tiger Face” , which evokes the spirit of the “Tiger Nose” grille specific to Kia. Their design also includes a “sequential” light pattern.

The side profile displays an aesthetic inspired by crossovers. The rearward swept windshield adds a touch of dynamism , while the rear hips add bulk. A line runs along the bottom of the doors and curves upward toward the rear wheel arches, visually lengthening the profile of the car.

The rear part features an angled C-pillar with a black insert that visually widens the glass. Above this pillar, a prominent roof spoiler channels air down to a raised lower spoiler above the rear light cluster.


New Electric Crossover Kia Ev6 (2021) Specs, Details, & Features

The interior of the EV6 presents an innovative use of space , thanks to its a new architecture based on the E-GMP platform, on which the new Hyundai Ioniq was designed . The instrument panel features an audio visual navigation (AVN) screen . Stretching from the steering wheel to the center of the car, it displays an instrument cluster in front of the driver, and infotainment and navigation above the center console.

Below the display, passengers control heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) settings using haptic “buttons” . The dashboard tilts towards the front of the car , creating a feeling of space and openness for the front passengers. Finally, the seats are upholstered in fabrics created from recycled plastics.

The Kia EV6 will make its world premiere at the end of March 2021 , at a special online event.

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